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As you can see from my picture I have a vest made from a hog bottom half. In 2013 went on a hog hunt near Austin, I managed a 50lb baby boar using their dogs and a knife. Folks from San Antonio bagged a 535 lb boar, All they wanted was the head mount. I paid the cleaning fee and I got the bottom half tanned. My freezer was full, still have a chunk or so of the meat.


I do role playing things, and I need hides to finish my outfit. Smaller guys to cover my boots, a couple larger ones for pants, and a couple to make the arms for my vest.


and a fairly large head for a helm.


Not expecting things for free. I do have skills in tanning so a frozen hide in dry ice shipped would be fine.


If you have extra hides from your hunts send me an email and we can work things out.

Coyote hides would be welcome as well.


(my freezer always needs more meat if the price is right).


My Dad beat into me at an early age if you kill it you use it. We ate all sorts of meat growing up.


Would like to go on up close and personal hunts. nets and knifes vs. guns. (eventually I will get comfortable with a firearm)





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