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Good Luck to All at the Rendezvous

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I just wanted to wish all who are able to go a good time this week-end. It looks like you will have a very nice few days of it for a change. Because of my situation with my wife, I can't come, although I truly wish I could. It is a unique event that we should all strive to make whenever we can. Bob and a number of others need to be thanked for making it possible. I hope it will not end anytime soon for any reason, as there are a number of you I look forward to seeing again, and some I would really like to meet for the first time. Doctors' appointments and an 84 year-old sister who recently fell and broke her hip have told the tale for me this year. I pray next year will be different.

I will be thinking of all of you this week-end, and anxiously waiting for pictures to be posted and stories to be told by any of you who attend. Have a great time, and maybe I can join in the fun next year.


Jerry S.

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