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2017 13th Annual Posse Rendezvous Registration

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To sign up for the 13th Annual Posse Member's Rendezvous March 17th-19th, 2017, just make a post in this thread and let me know how many folks you are bringing and to confirm that you have either mailed your check for the tickets or paid with PayPal. I will mail your tickets or we can have them at “Will Call” at the door if you prefer.

Adults are $25. Kids (under 18) are FREE!

Please don't make any other posts in this thread not related to your registration. We can visit about the Rendezvous in the Posse Member Rendezvous thread.

Your registration ticket includes entrance to the Rendezvous, one entry in the door prize drawings, Friday’s Grilled Dinner, Saturday’s traditional Posse Member’s Texas BBQ, and breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings.

If you plan on staying at the Camp, please go to the “Room Reservations” thread and post your reservation there too. Payment for your accommodations must be received within 60-days of the Rendezvous.

This year, you may also pay your register fee using PayPal. Just click on this link to pay for your Registration: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SXPS4KSGDXYWE

You must still make a post here in this thread to register regardless of your payment method.

Please put you Posse user name on your check or money order if you are using them!

Also, please make your registration fee payment as soon as you can after registering. We have a lot of up front costs to cover to get ready. Thanks!

Additional Door Prize tickets are $4 each or 6 for $20.....you don't need to be at the Rendezvous to win!

You may order extra Door Prize tickets here: http://texaspredatorposse.ipbhost.com/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=36

I am really looking forward to seeing all of you again and putting some faces with some new names, making some new friends, and getting caught up with old friends!

Bob :P

Make your check the Texas Predator Posse and send to:


The Texas Predator Posse
P.O. Box 585
Devine, TX 78016

As soon as you have registered, please PM SHOOTER right away and give him your legal name, Posse user name, and City & State. He is donating our name tags again. He will make up name tags for all us with our Posse Names, "real" names, and location. They can be hung around your neck. (Thanks SHOOTER)





2-Bennie-Paid.Will Call

3-BAB-Paid.Will Call

4-SHOOTER-Paid.Will Call

5-Sonoraken-Paid.Will Call

6-220Swift-Paid.Will Call

7-REBEL3-Paid.Will Call

8-Mrs. REBEL3-Paid.Will Call

9-Wyatt REBEL-Paid.Will Call

10-Ty REBEL-Paid.Will Call

11-Haley REBEL-Paid.Will Call

12-Ryan REBEL-Paid.Will Call

13-jhop-Paid.Will Call

14-Call Killer-Paid.Will Call




18-Kiowa Scout-Paid.Will Call

19-Mrs. Kiowa Scout-Paid.Will Call

20-Faith-Paid.Will Call

21-Kaelyn-Paid.Will Call

22-Erica-Paid.Will Call

23-Sarah-Paid.Will Call

24-2horsecowboy-Paid.Will Call

25-mhines-Paid.Will Call

26-Kerry Skiles-Paid.Will Call

27-Cowboy-Paid.Will Call

28-Tinker-Paid.Will Call

29-Benoh23-Paid.Will Call

30-Pat-Paid.Will Call

31-PAW-Paid.Will Call

32-honestjohn-Paid.Will Call

33-Mrs.honestjohn-Paid.Will Call

34-MrsHVDF7014-Paid.Will Call

35-Lizzy-Paid.Will Call

36-CaptKB-Paid.Will Call

37-Parker-Paid.Will Call

38-TerryT-Paid.Will Call













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Bob..... Just paid for two registration fees via .PayPal. one for Ken and one for Mike Routh.

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Put me my wife Lee Ann my son Wyatt my step son TY and my step daughter Haley down all 5 of us will be there and maybe Ryan my 5 year old so make it 6 please

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Put me on there, pencil the girls in barring soccer getting in the way of the REAL Important stuff! Will get with you via PM soon on door prize stuff.

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Put me down with two of my sons Gabe and Tucker, don't know about my oldest yet since he is grown.

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Please add Melvin Hines and a friend to the list. I will send a check and pick-up tickets at Will Call.

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Add Tinker, Benoh, and Pat. Not sure about the rest of our crew yet. Will check with my father in law.

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Paw says to add him and that he will drive down and take care of his bill at that time. Says he can't wait to see y'all.

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