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Getting Better with the Ruger LCP

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I got out for a little while this afternoon to see how the little .380 shot the ammo I just got in from SportsmansGuide a couple of days ago. I ordered several boxes of the PPU JHP in 95 gr., and a box of the Fiocchi JHP in 90 gr.


I didn't shoot much, but I did move back to 7 yards instead of the 3 yards I started out with the other day, just to see if I could hit the target. The second picture is the PPU ammo, and it is 6 shots. You have to look hard for the 6th shot, but it is there. The first picture is of the Fiocchi, and it is only 5 shots. The bullseye (dark circle) is 2" across. Not too bad for a little gun and somebody who can't shoot a pistol very well.





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