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Got a Ruger LCP .380 this Weekend. Now I Need Advice.

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I carry my Glock 17 in 9mm para (good german invention!-) when I am called out by our local state troopers for game accidents... I use Geco hollowpoints with 115 grs and never felt "naked". Finished off a number of roe deers, but also some boars with it. My Glock has 17 little friends in it, which are eager to protect me - and succeeded very well.

The Glock "disappeares" in my pant´s pocket (although I usually wear it in an IMI hip-clip), I hardly remember wearing it, until I need it.

My Glock is lightweight, and (although it´s loaded and ready to shoot) safe.

I don´t have any experience with the .380, but my first choice is still my "Glöckchen" (german for "little bell") in 9mm para.


Lots of german hunters prefer .357er revolvers for selfdefense (boars), but 2-3 rounds of 9para do the job just as well, and waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy faster.

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