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2016 Youth & Adult Whitetail Doe Freezer Filler Hunt-Sign Up Here!

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Please only post in this thread to confirm that you are coming and have mailed your deposit.

We can talk about the hunt and answer any questions about the hunt in the "2016 Youth & Adult Freezer Filler Hunt" thread.

The first 10 members to sign up are going whitetail hunting!!

You need to mail your $150 per person non-refundable deposit as soon as possible or your spot will have to be given to someone else.

Make your check or money order (with your Posse user name on it) payable to: Longer Outdoors.

Mail it to:

Texas Predator Posse
P.O. Box 585
Devine, TX 78016

I look forward to hunting with y'all!!!!

Bob :P


0 Spots Left



1-Bobcat-Deposit Paid

2-1st cav sgt ret-Deposit Paid

3-scrogw-Deposit Paid

4-amigo-Deposit Paid

5-Skydiver-Deposit Paid

6-Softballnrd27-Deposit Paid

7-Softballnrd27's Son-Deposit Paid

8-Wildcards-Deposit Paid

9-Wildcards +1-Deposit Paid

10-valverde-Deposit Paid

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#8 is you. I blocked the spot out when you e-mailed me to make sure you two had them.





1 Spot Left

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