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Links to Custom Predator Call Makers

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Hey Y'all,


I wanted to post links to some of our custom call makers web-sites. I am going to start with AllPredatorCalls since AP carries quite a few custom calls and has helped several call makers get a leg up!


You can send me a Personal Message with a link to a site you would like to include. I am only going to post links for callers whose work I know and trust.


Good Hunting,




AllPredatorCalls.com: http://www.allpredatorcalls.com/


Rhino Calls by Jay Nistetter: Rhino Call Link


LeMarr Game Calls by SONG DOG: http://www.lemarrgam...s.com/index.htm


Dogcatcher's Calls: http://dogcatcher.we...edatorcalls.htm


Orion Game Calls by Doug Yancey: http://orioncalls.com/


Yotehntr Calls by Brad Gainey: Yotehntr Calls Link-Click Here


BH Antler Calls by BradH: rebl70@midrivers.com


PREDATR Custom Calls by Cdog911: PREDATR Custom Calls link


Reese "No Noise" Lanyards & Coyote Carriers by Desert Dog, Loren Reese: Reese Outdoors Link


Arky Yoter Game Calls by Joe: Arky Yoter Game Calls Link


EW Calls by Buckwheat, aka Ernie Wilson: EW Calls Link


KO Predator Solutions Custom Calls by Loren Reese and Joe Bradshaw: KO Predator Solutions Link


Songdog Sniper's Custom Calls:

Red River Custom Predator Calls Link


Bill's Custom Calls (calls by bnccont): Bill's Custom Calls Link


RR Game Calls by Rick Robbins: Rick's Link-Click Here!


Varmints Inc. Custom Calls by LoneHowl: http://varmintsinc.blogspot.com/


Weasel Brand Calls by Dave Chaplin: Weasel Brand Calls Link-Click Here


TS Custom Calls by T.J. Shockler: shockler6@aol.com or 817-692-9010


Dogcatchers Calls: http://dogcatcher.webs.com/

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