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12 Gauge Shotgun: Weatherby SA-459 TR, 18.5" chrome lined barrel

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Loving my new Weartherby semi-auto 12 gauge calling shotgun. Best part, it doesn't rattle like a pump shotgun. I plan on mounting an IR laser on the rail to use in conjuction my with PVS 14 setup.





Load Data Source: RSI, Heavyweight Shot, Reloader's Guide Volume 3

Page 7 , Load # 15 (altered)- Once Fired Federal 3" Premium Hull, Win 209 Primer, Steel Powder, SAM1 Wad, 647 grains (70 pellets) of HW13 (tungsten) in BB .180".and 14grains of 3mm Plastic Pellets (bean bag fill) over shot.


Note: The load calls for two 1/8" felts which weigh a total of 4 grains (2gr each). I used an additional 4 grains of plastic pellets in lieu of the felts which I calculated into my payload weight equation.



Pattern Distance: 40yards. My focus is on the overall pattern and not how many are in an 8.5" circle.



Primos Dead Dog choke .675"- Actual average velocity: 1375 FPS with 20 hits within 8.5" circle, 35 hits outside of 8.5" circle on W30" X L36"pattern board= 55 total hits.


Note: The patterns were so consistent that the POA and POI were virtually the same from 20-40yds!


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