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2016/2017 Predator Calling Contests

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Carlton Kendrick Memorial Graham Varmint Hunt 2017

Check in at Clear Fork Country 3 Miles east on Hwy 380 Graham TX.

Saturday Check in Time: 9:30 a.m. till 12:00 a.m. Sunday Weigh-in time: 11:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.

Hunt Dates: January 28, 2017 February 25, 2017 March 25, 2017

100% Payback $50.00 for one-man team. $50.00 per man on teams. $20.00 for High School (HS) Kids. $20.00 for Ladies. 14 and under hunt free. $1.00 per man expense fee to Pay for expenses of Tournament

Side Pots (Optional) Per Team: $20.00 Heaviest Coyote (1 Place) $20.00 Heaviest Bobcat (1 Place) $20.00 Heaviest Raccoon (1 Place) Mail-ins available all Hunts. For Information contact: Dana Lindley

1315 Cliff Dr

Graham TX 76450 940-550-8015

This year no more than 9 animals will be counted for points. We will have a 5 bobcat cap and a 6 coyote cap.

1. The best score will be 5 bobcats and 4 coyotes.

2. This year you may hunt anywhere in the state of Texas or Oklahoma; on private land you have permission to hunt on or state land where varmint hunting is legal.

3. This is a calling contest. All animals must be called. You may not drive, shine the light and be calling at the same time just to locate animals.

4. You may not bait or put out anything or have someone else put out anything for drawing in bobcats or

coyotes. If an animal dies on its own and no one moves it you may call or hunt by it. If the landowner moves his dead livestock to an area for his convenience you can hunt by it.

5. When hunting out of a vehicle you must come to a complete stop before you can shoot any animal. No hunting

out of, or use of, boats or planes. Only hunting contestants are allowed in the vehicle while hunting. Four wheelers, Rangers, etc. are allowed, Rule # 10 applies. You may leave a back-up vehicle at gate.

6. No hunting on public roads. (Dirt or paved)

7. All animals must be shot from land you have permission to hunt on.

8. No pooling of animals. Only animals killed by team members during tournament hours will count.

9. You may not add weight to your animals. You cannot shoot an animal in a live trap.

10. Team members must hunt together and cannot split up.

11. People under 18 must have parent’s written permission to hunt and take the polygraph test.

12. There will be 3 polygraph tests given. Anyone winning money may be required to take a test. If you fail the polygraph test no money will be awarded to your team. All team members must be present at the weigh-in.

13. Team entry in the tournament is consent that the team has read and understands the rules of the tournament.

14. No checks will be accepted, teams must pay cash at sign ups or money orders for mail-ins. We will pay out

one place for every ten entries to a maximum of five places, no matter how many entries.

15. High School teams may have an adult to watch and drive only.

16. We will have mail-ins on all hunts.

17. In case of a tie, Tie-breaker will be used to determine first place. Tie-breaker will be a heavy animal or combination of animals, announced at first hunt for all Hunts.

Points are as follows: For information contact:

Bobcats: 40 pts.

Coyotes: 35 pts.

Mt. Lions: 200 pts.

To get to sign up location: go east of Graham on Hwy 380 about 3 ½ miles and look for Clear Fork Country on north side of hwy. There is a great big deer head lying in front of the building. (www.clearforkcountry.com)


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