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2016 Posse Rendezvous Door Prizes!

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We will be giving away over $5,000 Door Prizes this year!

I will post all of the door prizes for the 2016 Posse Member's Rendezvous as they are donated and come in.

Everyone who registers to attend the Rendezvous gets one Door Prize Ticket with their registration.

Additional Door Prize tickets are available for $4 each or 6 for $20.....you don't need to be at the Rendezvous to win!

You may order additional Door Prize Tickets here: http://texaspredatorposse.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=29609

Bob :P

2016 Door Prizes

4-Posse Caps-Bobcat

4-Posse Truck Decals-Bobcat

4-Posse Coffee Mugs-Bobcat

4-Posse T-Shirts-Bobcat

4-Posse Tumblers-Bobcat

2-Varmint Lights VRL-1 Utltimate Light Kit-Varmintlights.com and Brad Selph

1-$400 Weekend Hog Hunt with the Posse-Flip Flop & Longer,s Outdoors

1-Custom Arkyyoter Open Reed Hand Call-Joe

1-$500 1 Night Hog Hunt For Two-Lights Provided-Tinker

3-Custom Call Lanyards-Mrs. Call Killer

3-G&W Predator Control Truck Decals-Call Killer

1-G&W Predator Control Cap-Call Killer

1-Bullet HD Electronic Predator Caller-Convergent Hunting Solutions & Byron South

5-Night Crew DVD's-The Night Crew-Chris Robison, Jared Clark

8-MOJO Puppy Dog Electric Decoys w/Sound-MOJO & Terry Denmon

12-MOJO Woodpecker Decoys-MOJO & Terry Denmon

20-MOJO Predator 1 DVD's-MOJO & Terry Denmon

20-MOJO Predator 2 DVD's-MOJO & Terry Denmon

2-Custom Field Shooting Benches-Bennie

1-42" Heavy Duty Black Discreet Tactical AR-15 Case-Bobcat

1-42" Heavy Duty Olive Drab Tactical AR-15 Case-Bobcat

2-20 Round Stoner Stainless AR-15 Magazines-Bobcat

1-Custom Predator Call-Captkb & Parker Calls

1-Foxpro Hellfire Electronic Game Caller-Mike Dillon & FOXPRO

1-Foxpro Inferno Electronic Game Caller-Mike Dillon & FOXPRO

2-Foxpro JackDaddy Decoys w/Remote-Mike Dillon & FOXPRO

4-Foxpro Furtaker Calls Packs-Mike Dillon & FOXPRO

6-Foxpro Caps-Mike Dillon & FOXPRO

2-Foxpro Mr Mouthy Howler Packs-Mike Dillon & FOXPRO

1-Custom Fixed Blade Skinner-Ole Blood

2-Outlaw Rifle Slings-Timber Butte Outdoors & Gary Mathews

2-Youth Outlaw Rifle Slings-Timber Butte Outdoors & Gary Mathews

6-RR Calls Open Reed Predator Calls-bearmanric & RR Calls

5-Johnny Stewart PC-10 Predator Calls-bearmanric & RR Calls

1-Johnny Stewart PC-3 Predator Call-bearmanric & RR Calls
6-Tail Stripper & Predator Packer-bearmanric & RR Calls
1-MOJO Camo Face Paint Set-bearmanric & RR Calls
7-"Coyote Craze" DVD's-Geoff Nemnich & Coyote Craze
4-11" Custom 2016 Rendezvous Plaques-Mark1945 & M&M Custom Crafts
4-6" Custom 2016 Rendezvous Plaques-Mark1945 & M&M Custom Crafts
1-11" Custom "I'd Rather Be Hunting Plaque-Mark1945 & M&M Custom Crafts
1-Havalon Knife-The Coyote Armory & Coby Porter
1-WL ScanPro Headlamp-Jared Clark, Chris Robinson-"The Night Crew"

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Our new style of Posse Coffer/Beverage Mugs! I am donating 4 as Door Prizes!


Mark1945 did these!





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Flip Flop, aka Ryan Longer, and Longer's Outdoors have donated a $400 3 Day, 2 Night Hog Hunt with the Posse!


This hunt will be set shortly. We will be hunting on a 3,200 acre low-fenced ranch near Victoria, Texas. It includes your lodging, all meals, guides, ranch transportation, unlimited hogs, field dressing, and skinning & quartering.


Thanks Ryan!




The Ranch





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Custom Arkyyoter Open Reed Call by Joe Bradshaw!


This was last years call donated by Joe. Stabilized Dyed Black Ash Burl



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Tinker has donated a $500 one night wild hog hunt for two!!!! The hunt will be conducted near Gatesville, Texas. All the needed night hunting lights will be provided. There is no limit on the number of hogs you may take. Predators are included if spotted too. (Lodging not included for a one night hunt.)


Thanks Tinker!!


Tinker gets it done!





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Mrs. Callkiller, aka JoAnn Wells has donated 3 hand made lanyards!

The winners will be able to choose the colors and style they want!!

Thanks JoAnn!

5 Call


4 Call + Remote




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G&W Predator Control and Call Killer have donated 3 of Cal's new truck decals and a G&W Cap!


Thanks Cal!




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Posse members Jared Clark & Chris Robinson, aka The Night Crew, have donated 5 of their great night hunting DVD's!


Thanks guys!!


"Learn how Chris and Jared developed a one of a kind lighting system specifically designed for filming predators. The path that led to creating the highest quality night-time footage ever. Part 2 is educational for the beginner and the pro night hunter."



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MOJO Outdoors has donated 8 MOJO Puppy Dog Deocoy w/Sound and 12 MOJO Woodpecker Decoys!!


Thanks Terry!!





MOJO brings you a new concept in predator hunting with the all new MOJO Puppy Dog which is a realistic looking, sounding, feeling, stand alone decoy that is all that you need for predator calling. Emits actual canine puppy sounds and tail moves with the same tantalizing intermittent action as our Critter Decoy, which is the most popular predator decoy on the market. Operates four hours on 4 AA batteries (not included). Punch the button – throw it on the ground – HUNT!

Key Features:

Realistic appearance with movement and sound

Selectable On/Off puppy sounds

Deadly on all predators

Operates on 4 AA batteries

Operates in 2 selectable modes. Motion and sounds or motion only. Sounds have a built-in 2 minute delay when turned ON to allow hunter time to return to stand location

Includes Bonus FREE DVD Offer Coupon from Mojo Outdoors





Preying on a predator's weakness for an easy meal, the MOJO Woodpecker features a single offset spinning wing via MOJO’s famous Direct Drive System, that mimics an injured woodpecker.

The MOJO Woodpecker features the MOJO patented peg compatible with MOJO’s support pole as well as a loop on top of the body so that the Woodpecker can be hung from a line for a more realistic injured motion.Runs on 4 AA batteries (Not Included).

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