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2015/2016 Predator Calling Contests

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DF&G’s 2016 Varmint Calling Contest

February 13th – 14th

 $200 Entry Fee per team
 4 man team format (can hunt with less members, but max of 4)
 Teams can enter at DF&G Wildlife Store or online at: www.dfgwildlifesupply.com
 Teams must be paid in full on entry fees & side pots before 12:00pm Saturday 2/13
 Hunting begins at 12:00pm Saturday February 13th
 Teams must be weighed in, or in line to be weighed in by 1:00pm Sunday February 14th
 All members must hunt together at all times – no splitting up.
 Entire team must be present at weigh-in (no exceptions).

Points System:

Lion = 200 points

Bobcat = 50 points

Coyote = 25 points
Fox = 10 points (10 head maximum)
Raccoon = 5 points (10 head maximum)

Optional side pots: 100% payback winner take all:
Heaviest Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon, Jackrabbit, and Most Animals (no jackrabbits) - $20 each

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Top Shot Benefit Hunt
Benefit Varmint Hunt for Brent Johnson, he is battling stage 4 cancer and all money raised will go to Brent to help with the expenses of his battle.
God bless!

Animal points:

Max per species
1-19 teams pays 2 spots
20 plus team will pay 3 spots.

Time: start hunting 7:00pm on the 19th

Weigh in: 8:00am sharp (not 8:01am)
Cross Tire
1000 SE 1st St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067
"East parking lot"

Cost: 200 a team: $75 goes in the jackpot $75 goes to Brent's fund and $10 into each side pot.
Side pots:
$10- heaviest bobcat
$10-heaviest coyote
$10-heaviest fox
$10-heaviest coon
$10-most hogs brought in(hogs do not have to be called but can not be trapped or use dogs.

Ties on total points will be broken with the heaviest bobcat or coyote your teams weighs in.
Ties on most hogs will split the side pot.

4 hunters per team. Team members must hunt together, no splitting up to make more than one call at a time.
All animals must be called, trolling is allowed but animals must be called and react to the call before it can be taken. All animals must be called and shot during the 13 hour hunt. No thermal or night vision allowed.

For entries please contact:
Mickey Qualls-940-452-6871
If no answer please leave message and I'll get back as soon as I can.
Will take mail in entries till March 10.

Fur buyer has been notified, if planning on a buyer purchasing your fur make sure you have the proper license.

Polygraph MAYBE given to anyone winning money! All team members must be at weigh in. If a team or team member is found not following all State rules and hunt rules all the winnings for that team is forfeited to the next team.

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Stephenville Starland Farm Varmint Hunt

Where: the check in will be at Starland farm just outside of Stephenville. Address is 376 C.R. 433 Stephenville Tx 76401
When: Feb 27th noon to Feb 28th 2pm
Check in can be done anytime before noon on the 27th. We will open our check in at 10am on Saturday.
Mail in entry: you can mail in your entry fees to 810 n Charlotte ave Stephenville, tx 76401 can also pay by PayPal by Feb 25th. Mail in entries need to be in cash or money order. Can put my name on money order. Prefer cash or Paypal.
Entry fees: $100 for the hunt and $10 for each side pot.
Points system:
Grey fox-2

Most points wins the competition
Side pots are as follows:
Biggest bobcat, coyote, grey fox, raccoon, and most # of animals.
1. All animals must be shot in the hunting time frame.
2. All animals must be called in or at least must acknowledge a lip squeak before being shot.
3. All members must remain together on the same property at all times. During the day you may split up on the same property but ONLY DURING THE DAY.
4. No night vision or thermal may be used, this is a calling competition.
5. No trapping or pooling of animals is allowed.
6. Strict limit of only 5 animals per category counts towards your point total.
7. Appointed Judge has final say on everything including dq's.
8. Everyone involved in the hunt must have a valid Texas hunting license.
9. This is a Texas state wide hunt.
10. Up to 4 man team
11. Pigs tails may be brought in if only the pig was too big to load in the truck. If in the case that you do only bring a tail you must follow up with a pic of the pig after he is shot showing that you actually shot him as well as you actually cutting off the pigs tail, this is just so that you can prove you did actually take the animal during the hunt.

The pay out is going to be 100% payback to the hunters no admin fees. If there is 7 teams or less winner gets 100% of the pot. If we have over 8 teams it will be 1st place 60% 2nd place 40%
If there are over 30 teams it will be 1st 50% 2nd 30% 3rd 20%

I myself will have a team and will be apart of the hunt, but my family is going to be the ones putting this event on, I am just promoting it. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 254 592 6010. My name is David Feltner. We will also have a sign up off of highway 108 just outside of Stephenville on the day of the hunt indicating where our sign up station is as well as on Sunday where we will be doing our weigh ins. Call or message me for pay pal info.
Also Starland farm and the city of Stephenville are not responsible for any accidents during the hunt. This hunt is for us to go out have some fun and be safe.

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