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2014/2015 Predator Calling Contests

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List any and all upcoming contests for this season here!

Please don't post any replies to contests here. We can start separate threads to discuss them below.

Thanks.......and Good Hunting!!

Bob :P

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This years Coyote Craze!


From Geoff Nemnich:


Contest Info

New for 2014!! Entry fee increased to $240/team. Also, teams will be divided into 2 flights after final check-in. Top half in 1st flight, bottom half in 2nd flight. Top 8 teams in the 1st flight will receive the same entry fee and Calcutta payouts and awards as in the past. Top 3 teams in the 2nd flight will also receive entry fee and Calcutta payouts. This will be for overall payouts only not each day! Entry fee paybacks for 2nd flight will be $500/300/200. 10% of Calcutta will be divided the same 50%/30/20. In addition, $500/300/200 will be added to the top 3 teams in the 1st flight as well. This extra $2000 is funded from the increased entry fees.

1. If you are unsure of your partner at this time, please leave the #2 spot blank. Partners can be added at a later time. Also, if you are unable to get your partner’s signature on the entry form, it can be added when you check-in to the event on the 5th. Only 1 team member is required to attend Friday evening.

2. If for some reason you must cancel out of the contest, you will receive a full refund if it is on or before Nov. 20th. If it’s any time after that date, you refund will be subject to finding a replacement team. If one is found, you will receive a full refund.

3. This year’s event will take place Dec. 5th – 7th, 2014 at the Scotts Bluff County Events Center in Mitchell, NE.

Schedule of Events for Friday Evening, Dec 5th:

4:00-6:00 – Team Check-in, Social Hour, Dinner

6:00 – Rules Meeting

6:15 – Rep Drawing and Kill Block Handout (Teams are free to leave once you have the kill blocks)

6:45 (approx) – Calcutta/ Team Auction

*The rep drawing and kill block handout will be in the order registration forms are received

*Lunch will be served Sunday afternoon after check-in.

4. Only the first 50 registered teams will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament. After 50, a waiting list will be started and extra spots will become available once extra reps are lined up.

5. The dinner Friday evening will be available to any extra guests that want to attend FREE OF CHARGE! At the bottom of the registration form please make a note of how many extra people will be attending with your team. Please bring your wives, kids and girlfriends as there will be a special “coyote widow” drawing as always!!

6. Returning teams will be giving first chance at the 50 spots. After Oct 15th, all remaining spots will be open for any new teams.

7. If you put down a youth as your 3rd team member, that youth must attend the festivities Friday evening and hunt with your team all weekend. This is designed to allow fathers to hunt with their kids and still have another adult on the team as well as to get kids involved in our sport. Please do not abuse this in order to get free t-shirt! There will be a youth drawing on Sunday as well!! Youth member must be present to win.

8. Included in the $240 reg. fee are all side pots, meals, and t-shirts. Extra shirts are available for $10. Please mark down quantity and sizes on the reg. form. You can pay for the extra shirts when you send in your form or when you check-in Friday evening.

Break down of the Entry Fee/Calcutta Money Paybacks:

*The overall pot (entry fees minus expenses) will be divided 3 ways. 25% for Sat., 25% for Sun. and 50% for overall. 6 places will be paid out for both Sat. and Sun. and 8 places will be paid out for overall. 3 places will be paid out in the 2nd flight overall. 500/300/200. The Calcutta/team auction will be broken down the same. You will be given exact payouts for each place during check-in on Friday. Last year teams spent over $9700 in the auction!! Auction format will be the same “pick of litter” style as last year. There will also be plaques for the top 8 teams/reps as well as jackets for the winning team/rep!!

9. If you have any questions regarding how the contest works or how everything works with the team reps, please give Geoff a call before you submit the registration. This is unique contest and one that may not fit everyone’s style of calling and hunting.

10. Teams that will be leaving for the hunt each morning from a location no further than 1 hour from Scottsbluff will be considered Local Teams. Your rep will meet up with you each morning at the time/place you designate. Teams leaving from locations each morning further than 1 hour from Scottsbluff will be considered Out of Town Teams. Your rep will have all their gear packed and will leave with you Friday evening.

11. The rep you draw Friday night will be your guest on the hunt! Please treat them accordingly. 95% of the returning teams do an excellent job of this and I usually hear nothing but great things about the hospitality and how much fun the reps have. Make sure you get with your rep Friday night before you leave civilization and put together a plan in regards to food for the weekend. Even though your team might live off of granola bars and Mountain Dew all hunt, your rep may want the chance to stop by the minimart or grocery store and pick up some eats for the weekend. Please give them that opportunity! Also for Out of Town Teams, it’s your responsibility to have reasonable accommodations lined up for your rep to stay Fri. and Sat. night. Most of you usually have the rep stay with one of the team members which is great. If not, please have a motel room reserved for them. The rep will be responsible for paying for motel stays.

Also, please discuss your hunting game plan with your rep. Find out what their abilities are, what they are comfortable doing, and use them accordingly. Some reps have over 30 years experience hunting coyotes, some have zero! They are there to help out your team so give them solid direction. Communicate!!!!!!!

12. No alcohol will be consumed during hunting hours!! Teams and/or reps violating this rule will not be asked back to this event!!

13. If you know of any teams or reps that are interested in participating, either forward this email and attachment to them or have them get a hold of me directly!

14. Please give Geoff a call if you have any questions (308-641-8084). An email, text or phone call will be returned once your registration is received to notify you of your position in the contest. If you are on the waiting list and no spot becomes available, a full refund of your entry fee will be returned.

15. Once again, we will have some great prizes and products to give-a-way from our great sponsors including rifles, electronic callers, coyote mounts, ammunition, decoys, gift cards, plaques, jackets, etc. Please visit the website at www.coyotecraze.com for a full list of all this years’ sponsors!!!! If you, your business, or any other business you know of is interested in being a sponsor, please contact Geoff!

16. Extra contests include heavy coyote, small coyote, mangiest coyote, most coyotes killed with a shotgun, 2-pointer coyotes (white tip), most coyotes killed by a rep, Longest shot, and loser’s insurance.




It's time!! I've attached all the info on this year's contest. A few minor changes so you might want to read through everything. Obviously disregard the entry form part. But if you know of anyone interested in entering the contest as a team or wanting to be a rep please forward this on to them. I'm hoping there will be at least 60 teams this year but I've already heard from 4-5 that want to be reps instead of teams so who knows. The reps spots will be first come first serve so the sooner I here back from you the better!! If you are coming in from out of town, you will automatically be an Out of Town Rep. If you live in SB, Gering, Mitchell, Morrill, Bayard, Bridgeport or Kimball you have the option of being a Local Rep or and Out of Town Rep. Local reps will have to drive no further than Alliance, Kimball or Torrington each morning to meet up with your team.
If you are interested in being a rep this year, please return an email with the following info:
1.) Hometown
2.) Years that you've been a rep
3.) shirt size
4.) If you prefer to be a local or out of town rep
5.) number of extra people that will be attend the festivities with you Friday night (free to all)
Thanks and looking forward to another great contest!!

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Whiteface FFA Booster Club will be holding there 2nd annual Varmint hunt on January 3rd. The hunt will be from noon on January 3rd to noon on January 4th. Entry fee is $200 for up to a four man team.

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Mark your calendars!! The 2015 West Texas Big Bobcat Contest dates have been set. The dates are listed below.




Saturday, January 17, 2015, 12:00 PM


Saturday, February 21, 2015, 12:00 PM


Saturday, March 14, 2015, 12:00 PM


We hope to see everyone again in 2015. Good Luck!

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MiniKills asked that I post this for him. This is the second year they have put it on.


Predator Pachanga - March 14 - Alamo Feed Store - Natalia, Texas



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Hey Guys, the Predator Palooza in Weatherford is Back! Feb 28th-Mar 1st! Go to www.PredatorPursuit.com and you can download the registration form, or you can go by Bargain Hunter Outdoors in Weatherford and they will get you signed up. We had right about 50 teams last year. Hope to see you guys there!



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6330 S US HWY 377
254 965 9099

January 20 - 21
Febuary 17 - 18
March 17 - 18

1st = 50%
2nd = 30%
3rd = 20%

Coyote - 5
Bobcat - 4
Red Fox - 3
Gray Fox - 2
Raccoon - 0

REGISTRATION: 10AM - 5:00 PM Saturday

CHECK IN: Sunday 12PM SHARP (no exceptions)

ENTRY FEES: $100 per team, up to a 4 person team
$20 of this fee will go to STAR ARMS.

JackPots: Heaviest Coyote, Bobcat, Red Fox, Gray Fox, and Raccoon. $10 each category. Jackpot for highest total # of varmints - all jackpots $10



  • 1. All animals must be called in and shot within the 24 hr time frame.
    2. Team members must hunt together at all times. Only hunters entered in the contest may hunt.
    3. Ties are broken with the most animals or heaviest animal.
    4. No pooling of animals
    5. Animals will be checked for trap marks and freshness. If violated, animal will not be counted.
    6. All team members must have a valid hunting license and license will be verified by STAR ARMS representative.
    7. Contestants may be subject to polygraph testing. Protest must be made prior to payout. If protested, money will be held by STAR ARMS until resolved by polygraph at a later date. If polygraph has to be given it will be paid for out of total payout.
    8. NO hunting over baited areas.
    9. No night vision allowed.
    10. All hunters must be present for weigh in.
    11. Each team must dispose of animals in a legal manner.
    12. Rules for this contest were drawn up by a comittee.
    13. STAR ARMS representatives will have final say on all violations.


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Alamo Feed in Natalia, Texas will be hosting another Predator Pachanga contest on April 18-19, 2015.



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