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Reaper Rest

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I have a co worker who develoed a rest that attaches to a tripod I'd like to comment on if it's ok. He created something that mounts into a tripod to support the rifle. Unlike traditional shooting sticks or bipod that offers only front support this offers both front and rear support of the he rifle. It also provides you with the capability to track smoothly laterally and longitudinally as well. It's called then Reaper Rest and we found a useful application in the military/law enforcement fields. Unlike more bulkier rests that offer the same support this one is more compact and weighs less. This makes it easier to pack in and out using the old adage of ounces are pounds. Set up is as quick as threading onto a tripod and provides great support in a seated, kneeling or standing position. The real benefit, from my experience with it, is the rear support. It provides a much more stable platform and offers a better sight picture of your target. Whether you are on a static over watch position or out varmint hunting I feel this piece of gear may be beneficial. I have nothing to gain from this and am not associated with the company. I am just giving my opinion on some gear I had the opportunity to T&E.




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