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2013/2014 Predator Calling Contests

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Hill Country Sporting Goods

Family Fun Night

Varmint Calling Contest


Its time to get the WHOLE family involved!!!




Registration Fee: $100.00 for up to 4 “family” member team. At least 1 team member MUST be female.


Date: March 8th, 12:00 pm to March 9th, 12:00 pm


Time and Place: Hill Country Sporting Goods, Llano, TX. Registration by walk-in…mail…or phone (a $5 fee for credit card registrations)

Mail in entries must be received by Friday March 7th, 2014.


All TEAM MEMBERS must return by Sunday 12:00 pm for weigh-in.


Eligible Varmints

Mountain Lion – 25 points

Coyotes – 10 points

Bobcats – 8 points

Red Fox – 4 points

Gray Fox – 2 points


***Grey fox will be capped at 5…unless a bobcat or coyote are harvested…then another 5 grey fox can be counted***



A $10.00 jackpot will be offered for heaviest animal in each category, to be paid at registration.

A $10.00 jackpot will be offered for most raccoons.


Payout will be 100%. 70% to 1st place…20% to 2nd place...10% to 3rd place

Tie breaker will be based on total weight (one animal per species will be weighed)



  • No more than 4 people per team. Must be a “family” type team and at least 1 member MUST be a female.
  • All team members must present for weigh in.If team members are not present or on time the team will be disqualified.
  • All animals must be harvested between 12 noon Saturday and 12 noon on Sunday.
  • All animals will be checked for freshness.No trapping, snares or baiting allowed.
  • Must call all animals with mouth call or electronic caller.
  • Cannot exchange or accept animals from anyone else.
  • Teams must hunt together at all times and out of the same vehicle.
  • All team members must have a valid hunting license and one member must have a fur bearing trappers license
  • Landowner or agent can go with the team but cannot hunt or call, unless they are a member of the team.
  • Hunters may be subject to a polygraph test.

Contact:Fred Reyna, 830-992-0252

Mail entries to: Hill Country Sporting Goods 304 A. West Young, Llano, TX 78643

(include names of all team members…and a phone number…also include name of any jackpots you want to enter)

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7th Annual West Texas Calling Contest


Date: March 22, 2014

Start Time: 11:00 am March 22, 2014

Weigh In: 11:00 a.m. March 23, 2014 at TMP Truck and Trailer, 2700 S. St Hwy 349, Midland, Texas 79706


-Entries may be mailed in but must be received by Tuesday March 18th

-Entries may be hand delivered to TMP Truck and Trailer by 11:00 AM on March 22

-Several donated door prizes to be drawn for at weigh in.

  • Entry Fee : $200 per team / Max of 4 persons on a team
  • You may start hunting at 11:00 am Saturday March 22
  • All team members must be present at weigh in
  • Must follow all Texas Parks and Wildlife rules
  • All animals must be “called” by mouth or electronic calls, no baited or trapped animals allowed.
  • Team members must stay together, no splitting up
  • No hunting on public roads
  • No pooling of animals
  • No aerial hunting!!
  • Shotguns are allowed
  • All ties will be broken by the biggest rabbit killed
  • 100% payout for 1st-3rd place. Minus Polygraph test
  • Winning teams will take polygraph test


$20 to heaviest Grey Fox

$20 to heaviest Coyote

$20 to heaviest Bobcat

(Only 1 of each animal will be weighed per team)

$140 to Main Pot

-less that 20 teams pays 1st – 70%, 2nd -30%

-more than 20 teams pays 1st – 70%, 2nd - 20%, 3rd -10%

Main Pot Point System

Racoon = 1 pts

Grey Fox = 3 pts

Coyote = 5 pts

Red Fox = 7 pts

Bobcat = 10 pts

Mtn Lion = 50pts

Head Shot = 1 Bonus Point

(There is an 8 animal limit per species)

7th Annual West Texas Calling Contest

Entry Form


Team Captain:_________________________________

Phone #:_________________________________

Email Address:________________________________

Member #2:_________________________________

Phone #:_________________________________

Email Address:________________________________



Member #3:_________________________________

Phone #:_________________________________

Email Address:________________________________


Member #4:_________________________________

Phone #:_________________________________

Email Address:________________________________


Entry fee is $200

Only Cashier Checks will be taken if mailed in. Must be received by March 18th

A Text or Email will be sent as proof that the entry was received.


Please mail in entry to:

Casey Smith

6400 South County Rd 1185

Midland, Tx 79706


Entry may be dropped off before 11:00 am March 22, 2014 at:

TMP Truck and Trailer

2700 South State Hwy 349

Midland, Tx 79706

(Please do not mail entries to TMP)


If you have any question please feel free to call Casey – (432) 664-3386

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