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my hunt with B&S outfitter

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First off Had a great time
Thanks Steve,Marla,Brent

Hunted for a blackbuck and axis.
Frist day Steve said he knew where a real nice blackbuck was
hanging out. Which he named (GHOST) he told me we get one
shot at then poof he was gone!
Boy was he right, he busted us at 100 yds then he was gone
never seen him again rest of the hunt.

So off we went looking for a nother nice BB drove around
looking over as many as we could find. These thing are wild
as you can get. They was busting us at 800-1000yds.

We finally rounded a corner and seen one that didnt see us
frist and it was 400yds away.
So put a stalk on him closing the distance to 250yds.
Closest I could get for a shot.
So got set up and let the 7mag rip. Hit him good then it did
some thing i never seen befor it set like a dog on its hind
legs for a few then just fell over.
He straight taped out to be 18 1/2 inch both sides.
Steve dos have some bigger.

Now for the Axis part of this.
I thought the blackbuck hunt was hard BUT all NO not
compared to the axis.
Hunted hard for a axis for 2days, seen two sparing so
put a stalk on them to about 150yds they turned out to
be smaller axis. One was around 27inch, other was around
25inch. I passed on them. Steve said he has bigger.
All he got them bigger but man I thought blackbuck was
flighty. We spoted a nice, I mean nice velvet 35inch
and wide beded out around 200yds glassed him for few seconds
and he was gone (hind sight lol should of glassed him
with scope ) lol.

Early next day spoted 4, 100yds off they stood there
thinking we didnt see them in some heavy brush.
Key word heavy brush so I got set up trying to pick a hole
throw the brush. I thought had one. Was wrong as I let
my 7mag ripp ended up hiting catcus and branch.
Hunted hard the last day seen 4 others that gave us the

Marla cooking was great and great hostess.

I highly recommend B&S outfitters.
Steve & Brent will work there butts off to make the best hunt
for you possibly.

DEER hunters dream with the sheds I seen and the deer.
They have sable, zebra, elk, fallow, blackbucks, tx dalls
mouflon (huge) axis.

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Congrats on the Black Buck , he is a good one . Axis is on my to do list also !!

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only got about a year to get him back

i did get a cull one to it was only 8inch one

so this petstoll table top having them both mounted on same base

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Very nice animal!

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