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Spring turkey season is upon us, and you’re gearing up to match wits with this wiley species which boasts a population of 500,000 in Texas.


This year, hunters can focus their attention on coaxing old boss toms, with relatively few gullible two-year-old birds available, but will also have to contend with curious jakes, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists. Read more about the forecast and the lingering impacts the 2011 drought will have on the spring season.

The eyes and ears of a turkey make it one of the most challenging of all Texas game animals. Follow along in this video as a group of hunters gets out-smarted by these elusive gobblers again and again.

Rio Grande Turkey Spring Hunting Season

  • South Zone, 54 counties, March 16 through April 28.
  • North Zone, 101 counties, March 30 through May 12.
  • Special one-gobbler zone, 8 counties, April 1 through April 30

Eastern Turkey Spring Hunting Season

  • Eastern Zone, 28 counties, April 15-May 14. All harvested Eastern turkeys must be taken to a check station within 24 hours.

Check for opening dates in your county.

Find information on licenses and regulations. An upland game bird stamp endorsement ($7) is required to hunt turkey in addition to a hunting license.

Need a place to hunt? TPWD’s public hunting program offers the opportunity to participate in low cost, family oriented, walk-in hunts for turkeys. Access for turkey hunting is provided by the $48 Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit. A new online map feature allows for “virtual scouting” of nearly 1 million acres of public hunting areas. Hunting opportunities can also be found on the National Forest and Grasslands of Texas as well as Corps of Engineer lands scattered across the state.

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Does that online map only come with the purchasing of the permit, or can anyone access it?


NEVER MIND. I FOUND IT MYSELF. Pretty interesting, as there is an area off highway 7 close to Marquez that I have seen a hundred times and wondered how it was laid out. The aerial map shows it all, pretty much.

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