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SONORA Varmit Hunt OCT 29, 2011

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OCT 29, 2011

The contest will be held at Mathews Processing & World Class Taxidermy in Sonora Tx.

It will begin Oct. 29, 2011 at 4pm and end Oct 30, 2011 at 12 noon. Entries can be mailed in to PO BOX 272 Sonora, Tx 76950. Money orders or cashiers check only. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS)

All entries must be received by 12 noon on Oct. 29.


1. Up to 4 people per team.

2. Follow all Fed and State hunting laws.

3. Hunting Lic required for all hunters, trapper lic required for at least one team member.

4. No splitting up of teams at any time (including during the day).

5. Animals must be called in using an electronic call or mouth call. Trolling is not allowed. You must attempt to call the animal and it must commit to your call.

6. If you mail in your entry then please include the names of all team members and a phone number for one person.

7. SHOT GUNS CAN NOT BE USED!!!!! Since we are giving extras points for head shots shot guns are prohibited for this hunt!

8. Heaviest raccoon breaks any tie!

9. You can hunt anywhere in the state of Texas.

Point System





Headshots:1 extra point

CAP Limits:





we are gonna add a curve to the hunt for "each" bobcat you kill you can add 5 more greys to your grey cap limit or you can add 3 more dogs to your dog cap limit, or 2 more reds to your red cap limit

example: no cats your limit is the cap on each animal

1 cat you can bring in a max of 15 greys or 10 dogs,5 reds

2 cats you can bring in 20 fox or 13 dogs,7 reds and so on.


$240.00 per team

Payout $10 Most greys, $10 Most Cats, $10 Most Coyotes, $30 Most animals (point system NO CAPS), $180 most points

Pay 1st 70% of pot, 2nd 30% of pot


Contact: Chestin Clark 830-214-3623 Justin Mathews 325-277-5018

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