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Posse Recommended Predator Calling Videos

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I get asked a lot to suggest predator calling videos. These are all videos I either own or have seen and recommend adding to your collection.

Bob :P

Here is a list of recommended predator calling videos:

1. Jay Nistetter-Coyote behavior, Interview With A Coyote & FB's Coyote Rodeo, CSSI - Coyote Down, Coyote Safari/Deja vu

2. Jeff Thomason & Todd Woodall-Predator Pursuit #'s 1-4

3. Randy Watson & Randy Buker-Hunting the Night Shift

4. Gary Roberson-Burnham Brothers-Catastrophic Bobcat Hunting, Eyes Front #'s 1-2

5. Byron South-Coming to the Call #'s 1-4

6. Geoff Nemnich's Coyote Craze series: "Dead in Their Tracks" & "Feeding the Addiction"

7. Chris Robinson and Jared Clark: "Night Crew"


8. MOJO Outdoors-"MOJO Pedator"-FREE-just pay shipping and handling!

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