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Found 4 results

  1. I was curious as to whether or not anyone does any predator hunting or trapping on or around the Moore Plantation Wildlife Management Area? Today I spoke with Cody Dunagan who manages Moore Plantation and I told him about some of the things that we've started at Gus Engling WMA to try and help with improving the turkey population, and wanted to see if we could get something going out at the Moore. Each year our NWTF chapter hosts a youth event at Gus Engling to teach the youth and their chaperones about wildlife management through predator control and why it's important for eastern wild turkey. Jason Harden and Kyle Hand teach about eastern wild turkey subspecies and their habitat, and we have Don Hightower and Kieth Jackson from the Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Association to come out and teach about trapping, and they actually take the group out to set traps and trap a few predators. The trapping segment also includes feral hog eradication through snares, traps and shooting off baited sites. Don Hightower volunteered to go back and train the staff at Gus Engling in the various methods of trapping and snaring and they've been putting a hurting on the bogs and coyotes as their main focus is turkey survival. Don is supposed to go train at a few more WMA's later this year and has said that he doesn't mind training on other Wildlife management area and Co-ops, so that's why I contacted Cody to see if there was already a predator management plan in place. Moore plantation doesn't have the staff that Gus Engling has, but Cody is interested in getting something going. For those of you like who love turkey hunting like I do, you know predator control plays a big part in increasing those turkey numbers, and with all the great habitat work taking place on the Moore thinning out a few predators will make the turkey hunting even better. I'm looking to connect with any trappers, predator hunters, organizations, or people just wanting to learn how, so we can get something started annually to go into the Moore and put a hurting on the coyotes, hogs, bobcats and coons. I know we can't get ride of them all but if we can manage the population to some extent to make a difference in the turkey and even the quail population out there. I actually heard my first quail on the Sabine on last week. Let me know if any of you are interested or know someone who is so we can collaborate with Cody and the guys from TTFHA to get something going..
  2. Winter hunting lease info

    Well I have been gone for awhile but thought I would come back and ask you folks a question. I live in Montana but would like to find a place to go in the winter to hunt small and big game including hogs and varmints.. I would like to know if there is such a thing as a hunting lease that would give a person all winter access ? Also what area would you look into for such a lease? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. For New Trappers

    If I can be of Any Help in Answering any of your Questions , Please feel free to Contact me,this Offer is Only for Posse Member's Only, http://www.theroosterman.webs.com http://www.tharoosterman.com I can also be found on Face Book.
  4. For the last few days I've been following the ongoing fur sale at the Nafa Auction in Canada that concludes on tuesday. I must say, I'm impressed with the prices that are coming down. Red Fox averaged near 60 dollars Eastern Raccoon (mine were from NC), averaged 17.50 for me, I had a few XL- Extra Large *SEL-Select Labeled at $20. 3 Beaver that were graded Western averaged 21.00 for me. They were XL and XXL sized with weak fur grades. Grey Fox I trapped averaged 38 dollars. Otter were smokin' at what I think will be an 80-100 dollar average, some pretty big and clean ones were in the 130's Tomorrow will bring the numbers for Coyote and Central Bobcat, the latter of which averaged 77 dollars in February. If you happen to know someone that traps muskrat, they did very well, with averages from 10-15 dollars depending on grade. I'm no expert but I try to keep up with the industry. Hopefully this demand will stay strong into the fall for those with leftover fur to send up and into next years February sale. In case anyone wants to listen, here is a link to the auction where you can listen. http://www.nafa.ca/broadcast/ Good luck to you all if you had fur up there this year. BayouBoy