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  1. I Have to Brag a Little......

    Things are a little slow on the board, so I thought this would be a good time to do a little bragging. Not on me (that would entail a lot of bragging)....but on my granddaughter, Katelyn. She plays, among other things, select team softball at the 10U level (10 yrs. of age and under, at present). This past Saturday, in Waco, she had a first for herself and for her team.....she hit an "over-the-fence" home run. Maybe you have, but I have never seen it done at this level before, and I have seen a lot of very good teams over the past couple of years. The week before that, at the Belton tournament, she hit the fence on the fly for an inside-the- park home run, I didn't get to see either one, unfortunately, as I was home tending to the wife. We were elated and disappointed at the same time, as we would have been there under different circumstances. I posted a picture earlier this year of her helping me try to retrieve a coyote at a stock tank. I think she is going to be my hunting partner for dove season this fall....she is willing to give anything a good try, and usually will do well at it. I am going to add 3 photos: one of the coyote scene, on of her in her softball uniform as a catcher (she also pitches and plays shortstop) after their tournament win last week, and one of her in her soccer get-up for this year. I was going to bring her with me to the Rendezvous this past March, but as you know my wife's condition at the last minute cancelled that plan. Maybe next year.