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  1. Got Him

    Nice buck.
  2. Loads for 140gt TTSX in 7mm-08

    Thanks guys. I have both powders so will give them a try. Deans
  3. Anybody loading this bullet? If so what are some of the loads. Thanks Deans
  4. Il Silencio

    That is what I thought initially, but not completely sure. Thanks for clarifying that.
  5. Il Silencio

    That was a great performance by a young musician. Even though I am not familier with that piece that was just awesome trumpet playing. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Since you are in the Houston area you can try Academy and Carter's. Deans
  7. It's time to help our deployed service members!

    I just saw this and would like to participate. Mark could you send me your address and I will send a check or mo your preference. Thanks Dean
  8. Diesel additives??

    Gonhuntn, I have a 2006 F250 CC FX4 and I use Stanadyne Performance Formula every fillup. With nearly 69000 mi there has not been any fuel related issues. Alot of people use Diesel Kleen as it can be bought at Wal Mart and other places easely. Hope this helps. Deans
  9. Red Skelton explains it

    Man I have never heard that before! Where are those like him today? Deans
  10. Gun safe recommendations

    Greg, check out Lone Star Gun Safes on 1960. I got a Champion Triumph series, the biggest one offered last year. It is HEAVY. Deans
  11. dish or directv

    We are now using Dish. Had Charter til Ike knocked it out. Kept getting runaround with Charter they finally said it would be sometime in December before service would be restored. Called Dish. So far no issues other than the ocasional signal loss (always at the wrong time) with the weather. Deans
  12. Trail Cameras

    Give this place a look. They run test on different trailcams. http://www.chasingame.com/ Deans
  13. HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks good. Let us know how it shoots. Deans
  14. More Red Neck Logic

    These guys aren't playing with full decks. A lot of "what ifs" come to mind. Deans
  15. 308 Win Brass

    Take a look at Cabelas. I looked earlier today and it looks like they have some in stock. Deans