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  1. Couple Greys

    Nice Foxes. Big smile too!!!
  2. Sounds like this "problem" will soon become an addiction!!! Yippy. Hello and welcome to the Posse! One thing that really helped me get over my beginner blues was learning how to sit with the wind. Also I've been out with a lotta folk who have spooked off a yote before they even saw it because they're moving. Even at night I put out a decoy with my caller so it get's um focused on that rather then looking for any movement. It's helped me. Good luck and I hope youre able to get one soon.
  3. To Honor our Military

    They are amazing!
  4. Devine, TX Whitetail!

    HOLY! That's a beauty
  5. swine double up!!!

    That's awesome! Great job
  6. Lots of spots very nice
  7. Awesome job! nice little guys
  8. Fox Rabies Alert in Central Texas

    Hard to tell but I just assume they all got it. Every fox in alaska is rabid until proven dead. We have them chasing people up here in Prudhoe from time to time. Each year they trap about 30 of um and it's usually 60% that have rabies.
  9. Background check, please!

    I like it!
  10. Outstanding Customer Service

    That always feels so good. Did you happen to get the ladies name? It helps promote more customer sevice like that when they get noticed!
  11. First Yote

    YIPPY!!!!! That's so wonderful!
  12. WHAT A BLAST! Thank you everyone who helped put this on! can't wait till next year.
  13. you're kinda cute destoryer! saw you in menard at the posse get together. Wanna go out calling with me sometime :)