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  1. Bob I just paid for 2 by paypal will get tickets when we arrive will call thanks
  2. BABs Birthday

    Happy birthday,have a great day,from honestjohn and Carolyn
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you Bob and all Posse members.Remember the reason for the season.
  4. 7-08 for the win

    Great story Mark and thanks for the come back for your favorate hand load for your 7mm08
  5. 7mm08

    Last week I bought the winning ticket for a Savage Trophy Hunter XP in 7mm08,I know we have some fans of this caliber on the board.I would appreciate if you handloaders would give me your favorite load,I have a bunch of different powder on hand that would probably work.
  6. Gary Blair

    I stand corrected Gary Blair passed away Sunday the 18th not yesterday
  7. Gary Blair

    I just read on another forum that the legendary Gary Blair passed away yesterday.
  8. Emergency Alert-Posse Help Needed

    Sorry to have been so late,but have not been on line this week untill just now,Carolyn is writing a check as we speak,it will go out today,prayers included.
  9. Loading 22-250

    38 gr of H380 or 36 gr of IMR4064 should work good for you
  10. Bob sign me up,maybe it will quit raining in Waco long enough for me to sight my gun in.
  11. Carolyn and I will be there,I just paid with paypal will call
  12. Zeiss Conquest scopes

    Sounds like your 257AI is getting some rest
  13. Checkin In

    Purp you need to check in more often.What kind of side by side do you have now?