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  1. DNZ Product Support

    Short post to let others know that DNZ has excellent product support. Ordered a Game reaper mount and needed to exchange mount height to fit scope and they were able to make the change late on Sunday night. They even followed up with an email from Tim Coggins and his shipping personnel. Great Company.
  2. Okey Hog

    Thought you folks would like to see an Okey hog taken near Tushka, OK last deer season.
  3. Remington Game Camera

    Same company, the used to be BA Products. I am getting a half-hearted response from the WG folks; they wanted a copy of the receipt where I purchased the camera and may or may not replace/repair. Should have bought a Moultrie...
  4. Remington Game Camera

  5. Remington Game Camera

    Bought a Remington Ghost digital game camera last October and when went to use the camera last week the cameras computer would not boot up. Emailed their product service rep and was told they don't service the camera and basically was out of luck in spite of the cameras one year warranty; Just giving all a heads up should any one else out there be thinking of buying a Remington Ghost Digital Game Scouting Camera. A picture and description of the non-supported camera can be found at www.remingtonfeeders.com. Beware of their flawed warranty. CoyoteJim
  6. Another Attempt

    Information copied from a news service. Marie Llosander 4/29/2009 Seemingly in line with other corporate seizures, the United States government appears to be attempting to gain a majority stake in prominent firearms company Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson, one of the oldest weapons companies in the United States, is currently on sound economic footing. However, a clause in the 2009 Stimulus Bill calls for the federal government to seize industries and companies that are essential to the economy or 'government function.' The Treasury Department contacted the company in March 2009, asking to buy shares at $10 above market price. However, this offer was sharply rebuffed. Similar offers have been made to Remington. After this rejection, the Treasury Department has declared that it will use mechanisms in the Stimulus Bill in order to override the corporate decision. Smith & Wesson's board of executives have also been informed that this decision by the Treasury Department could not be appealed to any superior court. Chairman O at it again.

    Thought I'd throw in a pic of my night stalker.

    Really like my Champion 203. Got one of the last ones made before GenMar took them over. Rides good but could use a little more storage. Jim

    Just got back from Amistad. Fishing was real good on Chrome/Blue rattletrap and pumpkinseed 4" lizard. Went to Smith Lake in Alabama three weeks ago and boated 24 in a two hour period on same rig as Amistad. Jim