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  1. Warm Weekend Lunkers!

    Great job!!!!!
  2. Ice Machine Shopping...

    Glad you got a big one with global warming and all.......
  3. Got Him

  4. Fly Tying Table

    Very nice!!! Noticed the clouser right away!! We've got alot of fly tying going on here in this house too!!
  5. 93 Degrees Today!

    Salem Oh posting 52F!! Snow melting has begun!!! Now the mud season......
  6. Bass'n 2010

    Awesome!!! My boy is drooling....he wants to know what the size is of the one in the 2nd picture. Thanks
  7. the happy reunion/a photo to share

    Thanks for Sharing!!
  8. New Camo job on 10/22

    Nice Camo job!!
  9. One less hazard

    Gives a whole new meaning to "rattling".....
  10. A Good Man Has Gone Home

    NB~ our thots and prayers are with you from Ohio. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of your grandfather.....
  11. Skulls!

    Very interesting and thorough. I have wondered about the 'details'. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Rattled in a nice 10 pt Sat AM, story included

    Nice deer, and great story - Thanks for sharing!!
  13. The other winter sport!!!

    Yes they are all Steelhead. One is a "chromer" The other is a male. Steelhead are part of the rainbow trout family. This is my first exposure to them, so i have a lot to learn and my first one to catch.....
  14. The other winter sport!!!

    A friend of mine introduced us to - steelhead!!! Totally "hooked" on it!! Now to buy equiptment...everything x2. A proud moment for me!!! Jan 3 on the Ashtabula River in NE Ohio. (Camera Date is wrong) He landed his first hook up!
  15. 2008 Oklahoma Muzzleloader season is in the books

    Whetting my appetite!!!