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  1. New Posse Facebook Group

    Been nice knowing you fellas. I don't do social media as I consider it a disease of our times. As Einstein said:"I fear the day that technology will over take our normal human interactions We will have a generation of idiots."
  2. Problem or fun?

    Guess it's all in your point of view I'm hoping to have some fun, but judging from the amount of rooting in the field my tenant farmer may well regard it as a big problem.
  3. Problem or fun?

    It appears that my small tract of woodland has been infested (infected?) with swine. By the tracks there seems to be 1 or 2 large ones and a few smaller. Plowed up part of a field next to woods waiting to be planted. Very thick cover to hide in.I'm putting corn in front of a camera to see when they're moving. If this don't work I know a fella with some good dogs. Archie
  4. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    Read on another forum that the active ingredient is warfarin, the objective is for the beasts to bleed to death internally. Will this go up the food chain? What about those folks that trap hogs and sell them? Can't see packers buying hogs which may have poison in them and haven't died yet. Archie
  5. Another One Again

    Golf is for people who don't hunt or fish. Archie
  6. 5,000 Members!!

    Gotta admit, it's really pleasant to drop in for a visit from time to time. I have yet to read a disparaging or discouraging word, only the occaisional jerking of someone's chain. Archie
  7. Are You Eating Sausage Thursday?

    Palm slap to face, was wondering what was special about Thursday. Archie
  8. Bob, re:your answer over in the AR15/10 forum, I am reminded of a quote from Albert Einstein: "I fear that technology will surpass our normal human interactions. We will have a generation of idiots." Maybe the day he feared has arrived. Archie
  9. Texan, almost to the end? We thought about topping off the fuel in Sheffield. Only station we found was For Sale, had a skeleton sitting behind the desk inside, and the last price posted on the sign outside was $1.00/gal. Been a while. Archie
  10. Absolutely first class! Excellent bullet performance too. Archie
  11. Best part about it was it was a trip planned months ago by my wife and son as a Christmas gift. It don't get any better than that. Archie
  12. I did say I would report back, just got back home last night. I'll keep this kinda short. There's plenty of game, even have some mule deer. Didn't know they ranged that far east. This place is out around Sheffield, Tx, real close to the edge of the world where it drops off, they got wi-fi, but no cell service. Not that I really care. Hunts are semi-guided and they go over and above to put you on game. They allow 1buck and 2 does, my son and I both limited, both got nice 8 pointers. Game is dressed and iced down, so we got lots of cutting up to do. I really feel that you get your $ worth, we had a great time. Archie
  13. Coyote Attractent

    Dunno about commercial scents, coyotes are smart. Best I know of is to set up bait stations using game bones and scraps if you have 'em. You can also get meat scraps from your butcher along with residue from cleaning the machines, put some water with that and freeze in milk cartons to preserve it. Just set those out at your chosen station, let 'em thaw, and wait for the dogs to find them. Coyote popsicles! Archie
  14. Brinlee Ranch

    Good place to ask: have any of you fellas ever hunted Brinlee Ranch or the general neighborhood out in Terrell County? Just found out that SWMBO has set things up for me and #1 son for the week before Christmas. Something I would likely have never done for myself. Website reads good altho I'm not a trophy hunter, I hunt because I enjoy it and feel closer to the Lord when in the outdoors watching all that He has created. Archie
  15. BRUISER of a boar with 6.5x30-30 AI

    Dang Bobby! I'm gonna have to come set up camp on your porch! Archie