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  1. The morons that will buy them are the young and the clueless, and there are a whole bunch of them out there. Then some good cop misinterprets what he/she is seeing when some youngster reaches for their back pocket and takes the "unarmed citizen" down. And then all the crap starts again. . .
  2. "Bobcat" Update

    :)I still think, Bobcat, that if you would learn to pay your rent and your utilities on time, the "need" for your constant relocations would be greatly diminished. And the various city governments would not be so eager to move you or impound all your goodies. You're beginning to make the wandering tribes of Israel look like tree huggers. Good lookin' new digs, though!
  3. 450 BushMaster added to HogHammer arsenal

    John decided to add an Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) to the new Bushy. We'll try to get out some afternoon this week and sight that bad boy in!
  4. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/gun-shaped-iphone-cases-an-accident-waiting-to-happen/ar-AAcB8L4?ocid=HPDHP
  5. I've used one for years and never even gave this possibility a thought! I'll be looking for alternative methods, that's for sure.
  6. Two Hog Hunts In The Oats

    Well done, DoubleNaught, on both counts and both videos! Thanks for sharing with those of us with pastures that have waist-deep weeds for as far as we can see (about 20 yards!). It's really very neat to "own the night," even when you don't get a shot.
  7. Happy 4th

    Same wishes from the Greater MasonPlex! Have a great, safe 4th, and take the time to remember the sacrifices it takes to keep us free and safe from those who would like to damage us!
  8. ATN X-Sight Night Vision Rifle Scope

    ATN claims to have fixed the battery consumption issue, so I set my scope up with the correct information and am testing to see how long the batteries last while the Sight is in the "dormant" state; sitting in the safe with nothing turned on. So far it's gone 36 hours, and that's better than it has been in the past. We shall see.
  9. 450 BushMaster added to HogHammer arsenal

    OK, Old Blood, I'll get a 50BMG on order right away. And, as a squirrel caliber, the Bushy works quite well. You just shoot the tree the squirrel is in and as it falls, it will kill the squirrel. So you get squirrel meat and firewood with just one shot.
  10. ATN X-Sight Night Vision Rifle Scope

    OP, I've had the Sight for 6 months, and there are things about it that I really like, especially the camera and video capability. It also holds its zero really well, so I can swap it between rifle platforms, change the X and Y coordinates and it's immediately shooting in the same hole. For ranges under 100 yards, at night, in my hunting environment, it serves me well. I guess that, right now, if ATN determines that the Sights are unfixable, I'd settle for a 50% refund or a swap for one of their higher end products. They do make products that work; I've got a few of them on other guns. But my first choice is for ATN to fix this Sight. It's potential is truly great.
  11. The Founding Fathers

    With July 4th rapidly coming our way, it's kind of nice to review the fates of the patriots who wrote the Declaration: Our Nations' First TRUE Patriots Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? For the record, here's a portrait of the men who pledged "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" for liberty many years ago. Fifty-six men from each of the original 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Nine of the signers were immigrants, two were brothers and two were cousins. One was an orphan. The average age of a signer was 45. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest delegate at 70. The youngest was Thomas Lynch Jr. of South Carolina at 27. Eighteen of the signers were merchants or businessmen, 14 were farmers, and four were doctors. Twenty-two were lawyers - although William Hooper of North Carolina was "disbarred" when he spoke out against the king - and nine were judges. Stephen Hopkins had been governor of Rhode Island. Forty-two signers had served in their colonial legislatures. John Witherspoon of New Jersey was the only active clergyman to attend. (Indeed, he wore his pontificals to the sessions.) Almost all were Protestants. Charles Carroll of Maryland was the lone Roman Catholic. Seven of the signers were educated at Harvard, four at Yale, four at William & Mary, and three at Princeton. Witherspoon was the president of Princeton, and George Wythe was a professor at William & Mary. His students included Declaration scribe Thomas Jefferson. Seventeen signers fought in the American Revolution. Thomas Nelson was a colonel in the Second Virginia Regiment and then commanded Virginia military forces at the Battle of Yorktown. William Whipple served with the New Hampshire militia and was a commanding officer in the decisive Saratoga campaign. Oliver Wolcott led the Connecticut regiments sent for the defense of New York and commanded a brigade of militia that took part in the defeat of General Burgoyne. Caesar Rodney was a major general in the Delaware militia; John Hancock held the same rank in the Massachusetts militia. The British captured five signers during the war. Edward Rutledge, Thomas Heyward, and Arthur Middleton were captured at the Battle of Charleston in 1780. George Walton was wounded and captured at the Battle of Savannah. Richard Stockton of New Jersey never recovered from his incarceration at the hands of British Loyalists. He died in 1781. Thomas McKean of Delaware wrote John Adams that he was "hunted like a fox by the enemy - compelled to remove my family five times in a few months." Abraham Clark of New Jersey had two of his sons captured by the British during the war. Eleven signers had their homes and property destroyed. Francis Lewis's New York home was razed and his wife taken prisoner. John Hart's farm and mills were destroyed when the British invaded New Jersey, and he died while fleeing capture. Carter Braxton and Nelson, both of Virginia, lent large sums of their personal fortunes to support the war effort but were never repaid. Fifteen of the signers participated in their states' constitutional conventions, and six - Roger Sherman, Robert Morris, Franklin, George Clymer, James Wilson, and George Reed - signed the U.S. Constitution. After the Revolution, 13 signers went on to become governors. Eighteen served in their state legislatures. Sixteen became state and federal judges. Seven became members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Six became U.S. senators. James Wilson and Samuel Chase became Supreme Court justices. Jefferson, Adams, and Elbridge Gerry each became vice president. Adams and Jefferson later became president. Five signers played major roles in the establishment of colleges and universities: Franklin and the University of Pennsylvania; Jefferson and the University of Virginia; Benjamin Rush and Dickinson College; Lewis Morris and New York University; and George Walton and the University of Georgia. Adams, Jefferson, and Carroll were the longest surviving signers. Adams and Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Carroll was the last signer to die in 1832 at the age of 95. Sources: Robert Lincoln, Lives of the Presidents of the United States, with Biographical Notices of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (Brattleboro Typographical Company, 1839); John and Katherine Bakeless, Signers of the Declaration (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1969); Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-1989 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1989).
  12. ATN X-Sight Night Vision Rifle Scope

    I think you made the right decision, Jeff! I don't yet know where all this is going, but ATN better hunker down and get ready for some serious public relations issues stemming from the manner in which they have handled this product roll-out.
  13. ATN X-Sight Night Vision Rifle Scope

    Yeah, OP, that's the issue. Every time I quit using the scope, I have to unscrew the battery compartment cap and by doing so, the scope drops all my settings. It's one of the still "outstanding" issues that need to be resolved.
  14. ATN X-Sight Night Vision Rifle Scope

    Went out this evening to see if could holler up a couple of foxes I'd seen sniffing around the guinea house. The moon was bright enough that I didn't really need the X-Sight! No one came to my pleading calls except a few does. So I took a pic of the moon, one of the does, and called it yet another night of being skunked. However, there was a nice breeze, no mosquitoes, and all the sounds of the night critters doing their thing.
  15. Heightened Terrorist Threat

    I am concerned; not so much for us here in Mason, but for some metro area where lots of folks will be gathering. The animals that make these attacks seem to always go for the softest targets and they attempt to wreak the maximum damage. Mason's piddly little parade won't be very tempting to them. It's a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. Please be careful out there!