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  1. Childhood......

    Well done......
  2. Childhood......

    What do you remember from your childhood? What molded you? What are you doing to mold them?....... Http://youtu.be/_NsfyMGYlWo
  3. Another kind of predator

    No sir, this was somewhat south of Corpus. I realized that I have no talent or juju for bay fishing, so I stick to the Gulf.
  4. Another kind of predator

    It could have. Would have been a lot easier to get in the boat if he had given me his tail so I could flop him. Wasn't planning on keeping him so u didnt want to use a gaff. Ended up with him in the hull after all...
  5. Another kind of predator

    Another kind of toothy critter.... My personal best to date...

    A friend of mine is a kayak fishing guide on Rockport Bay if you want a different kind of trip? Rockportkayak.com Ryan's a good guy, but a bit like me..
  7. New T Shirt

  8. Braided line for a spinning reel?

    Bad memory,it's 6lb http://www.powerpro.com/publish/content/global_fish/en/us/power_pro_v2/info/using_powerpro/specs.html
  9. Braided line for a spinning reel?

    Or it could be my bad memory. Haven't fished freshwater since 2011
  10. Tip toeing back in....

    Too many rednecks in these woods. I'm pretty sure they've gotten the memo at some point
  11. Braided line for a spinning reel?

    I always used 20# for bass because I can. 20# braid = 8# mono I always used the plain Jane PowerPro.
  12. Tip toeing back in....

    There are gators in that region of the lake, but they leave people alone. Now to talk myself into getting up, dark thirty in the morning to paddle across the lake to sit and wait to see if something comes out. Honestly, I'm having a hard time finding the motivation. (reall hate mornings)
  13. Braided line for a spinning reel?

    I only run braided (PowerPro) in all of my reels. It started because of knots and curls with my spinning reels back when I was still pond fishing for bass. Now days I still run it on my spinning and conventional reels. No knots or tangles...

    Pretty much closed our season early. Then they got a short reprieve. But the weather got there before I could. Shut out again.
  15. Coffee Lovers Psychopaths?

    So if I dilute my expresso roast with milk a sugar, does that mean that I'm warm, cuddly, and sane? If that's all that it would take, I would have brought it up on my last psych eval...