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  1. That Time

    Actually first pic should have been this one. Guess I need to wear my glasses. LOL
  2. Now that deer season is over its time to get after the varmints. Last few days have been spent getting everything in order. Loading some ammo, charging Foxpro batteries and just getting things ready. We have about 50k acres in Central Texas that we have permission to hunt. On 24 hour hunts I always carry two guns,(because its easy to trip in the dark and knock your gun around). First is a Tikka T3 in 22-250 then a Remington 220 Swift.
  3. Emergency Alert-Posse Help Needed

    Any kids? If so what sizes are they? I'm only about 100 miles from there, maybe could put together a care package for them.
  4. Emergency Alert-Posse Help Needed

    Check will go out tomorrow.
  5. Paint Dipped My Tikka Stock

    The Tikkas have enough barrel clearance I didn't feel it was necessary. You could easily put blue painters tape in the channel though.
  6. Paint Dipped My Tikka Stock

    With all of the rain expected this week I got it put back together and re-sighted it in. While I was refinishing the stock I went ahead and had the barrel threaded. Put 3 coats of satin clear on it. I really like the way it turned out.
  7. Paint Dipped My Tikka Stock

    Yes sir.
  8. Paint Dipped My Tikka Stock

    Vortex 6.5-20x50
  9. Paint Dipped My Tikka Stock

    Turned pretty good.
  10. Turned out pretty well for my first try. Going to put several coats of satin clear on it tomorrow.
  11. Portable Shooting Bench

    Decided I needed a new shooting bench. Cut two 36x 30 pieces out of a sheet of 3/4 plywood. Glued and screwed them together. Draw the outline of the top and cut it out. I'm using 1" pipe for the legs. The leg bases are made out of 4x4x1/4 plate with a 1" coupling cut at 18 degree angle and welded on. The legs are 36" long right now. Once I can try it out I imagine they will be cut down to 31-32 inches. Total build time 2.5 hours.
  12. My first bobcat

    Congratulations, fine looking Cat.
  13. It was frustrating to say the least.
  14. We decided to hunt the Star Arms contest in Stephenville this weekend. We had really good luck during the day but as the wind picked up Saturday night it was brutally frustrating. We did do well enough to take 1st overall, 1st in big coyote and 1st in big bobcat.