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  1. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    And that's what it's all about! Thanks for the comments fellas. Here's a couple more pictures. We were behind the ridge in the distance (below the arrow) when we first saw the sheep. We waited until the moved laterally along that little shelf he's on, the worked our way around the bottom of the cliff and shot from where the red dot is. For the recovery we had to climb down along the far side of that dark canyon behind his horn, then cut up (to the left in this photo) the canyon behind his body until we could intersect the shelf he's laying on. It's a pretty narrow and steep shelf with high cliffs above and below. Here's a couple mule deer bucks we watched spar a little one morning. And here's an early blooming Spanish Dagger. And the gear used.
  2. After many years of thinking about Barbary sheep, almost putting in for the draw, almost buying an OTC license, a colleague finally talked me into buying a license earlier this spring. After many hard miles hiked in rugged, steep terrain, we put it together on our thrid outing and I was able to take a decent little ram with my .300 WSM at 271 yards across a canyon. It took an hour and 15 minutes to hike down, then up, then over to him, and a few more to pack him out after boning out the meat. But all that ankle-twisting, knee-jarring, back-straining work (oh wait, it's fun, right?) was worth it for my first Barbary. I think I'm now addicted and can't wait to try all that suffering again.
  3. Arizona critters

    Thanks guys. Bobby, for now I'm just shooting some factory Corbon ammo I got on closeout for a smokin' deal (almost cheaper than buying the Lapua brass it's loaded in). They use 62 grain Varmint Grenades. I was actually surprised at how little damage they did. I shot a fox with that rifle before the coyote and the hide was in much better shape then most of those I've seen shot with a .223. I didn't even exit the coyote.
  4. 2017 Axis Bucks

    I saw these elsewhere, but have to comment here too. Those are nice looking bucks. Do you save the hides? I quite like them as throws around the house. They look real nice over the back of a couch.
  5. scope for moonlight hogs

    I'll be waiting somewhat impatiently for its first cameo with a dead piggy.
  6. Since I had an Arizona license about to expire, I took a week off and got a little more out of it. I had a great time calling various terrain with hunting buddies old and new. Of numerous critters called and shot, these are my favorites. My first night-time coyote, and first time out with that 6x45 upper. My first double on fox. These were two of the three that came in on one stand. I've already started making plans to return next year.
  7. My first Aoudad

    Cool! I'd like to hear what you think of the meat when you get a chance to try it out. One of those is on my bucket list - someday...
  8. First Bobcat

    Right on! Looks like a nice cat. I've only gotten one so far myself. Hope to change that soon.
  9. Well that'll teach him to stand around too long when you're out and about.
  10. Good hunting load for 300 WSM

    I love my .300 WSM and use Barnes TTSXs in it - 150 grainers over Reloader 19. Before 150s I used 165s and they shot just as well with the same powder.
  11. Another successful NC Tundra Swan hunt

    Cool. I bet you can FEEL one of those hit the ground! Thanks for sharing your pics.
  12. bobcat by moonlight

    Another nice cat Bobby - excellent!
  13. What Are You Most Thankful For This Past Year?

    No contest - a happy, healthy, and loving wife and kids.
  14. Finally Got My Axis Buck

    That's a beautiful buck Bob, nicely done. I've been fortunate enough to take a couple does for meat, but never a nice buck. Like you - someday...
  15. That's a good way to wrap it up!