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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Bennie

    Sorry for the belated response, but Happy Birthday Bennie - glad you're still on the green side of the grass..................
  2. Those are some good looking birds. Glad ya'll had a good time there.
  3. Oldest son coming home

    You have a lot to be proud of (and since he's moving home - a lot to be thankful for!) Congratulations!
  4. It's Boomster Birthday

    Happy Birthday Ya'll. Hope its been a good year for you, and that next year is even better.
  5. With gun dealers like this......

    I live near there and drive by the place frequently to see kids and grandkids. I had thought several times about stopping in there, but won't consider doing business there now. What an IDIOT. this is the whole premise of the NRA - we've already backed up as a nation too much and aren't backing up any more. Come and take it.......
  6. Really nice looking mount. Which taxidermist did you use?
  7. Newest Toy

    Good job, Sarge. That is one neat looking rifle!
  8. My first day out with Dash

    Get well soon, John!
  9. Duck Dynasty

    Don't believe a word of it. And I bet you think wrastlin' is fake too.........
  10. GREAT NEWS!!

    John: Thanks for sharing the good news. You have a great looking family. I am really happy for you all. Good luck with the move to Round Rock. The wind doesn't blow quite as much there as it does in CC.
  11. Happy Birthday Bobcat

    27 ? 28 ? 29 ? In any event, Happy Birthday, Bob...
  12. Hmmmmmm

  13. Call for ICMCumin

    I forgot to close the loop here and I apologize for the tardiness of this post. I received the call a little over a week ago. It not only looks good, it sounds great as well. Those ducks down along the coast better be skeered now, because the tone of that call is just outstanding. When you hear the duck calls made by the "pros" on TV, think of this call - it sounds as rich as any of them. Prairiewolf did a fantastic job of hand-building this call. Thanks again!
  14. Dear Rush: "Why I Canceled My Sleep Number Bed"

    I really enjoy hearing the responses to companies like there. Now if we could do the same thing for things like Heinz (John Kerry gets a lot of support from his wife's company) catsup and Progressive Insurance......
  15. When it rains, it pours....NEED A LAWYER OR TWO

    Good luck with it all, Mike........... Some of us may disagree about lawyers, but I think we're unanimous in our support of you and your cause. (All three of my kids and my son in law are lawyers.)