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  1. Posse Members, Anything new on the Nutria scene? Looking for a place to hunt them, and it's been a few years since we discussed this. I would imagine they have spread some since our last exchange in 2010.
  2. Wedding anniversary the 28th and don't think bringing the wife to deer camp would cut it :-). Have a great time guys!
  3. Reed and I can do breakfast / brunch Saturday. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, tortillas, juice and milk. And donuts! Sure looking forward to this!
  4. I saw an episode of Pig Man last night where they used a bait from Purina Wildlife called Quick Draw Wild Hog Attractant. It is in a brochure here: http://www.antlermax.com/stellent/groups/public/documents/web_content/ecmp2-0129701.pdf Anyone had experience with it?
  5. Looks like some good times. Let's get some rain and double-digit temps again and I'm in for a hunt!
  6. My son Reed, age 11, is signed up with me. We're looking forward to it!
  7. Sign up Marshall (Hersh) and Reed. Check coming!
  8. 16th Posse Hog Hunt

    Bobcat, I finally started getting the digest for this and look forward to getting to know this group better! I live in Austin and have 2 boys who enjoy hunting as well. I'll be out of town in June when this hunt happens, but want to join the next one!
  9. Hi everyone. Where can we go nutria hunting on public land in Texas? I used to read and occasionally contribute to this forum years ago when I had no time to hunt. Now finally re-engaging again. I live in Austin and have a couple of sons who want to get into this now too. We have done some great hog hunting down in Kerrville with Terry Hansen but want to try something a little different. Looking forward to the discussion.