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  1. Question About Night Calling

    Thanks DoubleZ! Keep asking questions and learning as much as you can on the forums. It will save you a lot of headache in the long run!
  2. Question About Night Calling

    Think of the lights as your camouflage. If you turn them off, they will see you. Also, with them off how will you see them? I run 2-3 lights at all times. I haven't tried light bars yet, but Im considering.
  3. Hey Guys, Just a reminder that the Palooza is this weekend in Weatherford! Once again, I will have a truck load of great door prizes to give away! Wicked Lights, Coyote Light, Hornady Gear, Bog Pod, Caldwell, FoxPro gear, pretty much anything you could ever want to Predator Hunt with. All you need to do is enter the hunt and show back up at the weigh in on Sunday! Hope to see you there!! Go to PredatorPursuit.com and you can print out a flyer from there! Thanks
  4. Bob, Here is a flyer for the Palooza!
  5. Gun Light Recommendations

    Wicked....the new 403 IC is an awesome light. You might want to get the shotgun mount as well. www.NightHuntingDepot.com
  6. New Season Starts Thurs 10PM EST!

    Thanks Guys. I really had a blast on this trip. Never had taken an alligator, and I was amazed how well they responded to the calls. Next week is even better!
  7. Hey Guys, Just a heads up to watch or set your DVR's for the new season of Predator Pursuit! I really think it is by far the best footage we have ever gotten! Bears, Gators, Fox, Bobcats, Coyotes, The works! Hope you guys enjoy! Click on the link below! https://vimeo.com/150283232 Sportsman Channel! Thurs- 10PM EST Sat- 2am Fri- 12:30 PM Wed.- 11am Sat- 12:30am
  8. Hey Guys, just a heads up that the new Predator Pursuit kits are in! This 2 Light Kit has the dimmer tail caps, and we have added the ERGO scan grip! We are offering free shipping to members of the board as well. Just enter Coupon Code: Posse at the checkout and you should be good to go! Click on the link below and it should get you right to the correct page. Thanks again for the support! http://www.nighthuntingdepot.com/wicked-lights-w403-ic-intensity-control-scan-kill-light-predator-pursuit-signature-series-pack-with-2-lights/
  9. Well guys, sorry I missed out this year. Jessica lost her Grandad just a few days before the get together. First one I have missed in a LONG time. Hope to see everyone out there next year. Jeff
  10. Hey Guys, the Predator Palooza in Weatherford is Back! Feb 28th-Mar 1st! Go to www.PredatorPursuit.com and you can download the registration form, or you can go by Bargain Hunter Outdoors in Weatherford and they will get you signed up. We had right about 50 teams last year. Hope to see you guys there!
  11. I could use your VOTE!

    You guys are Awesome! Thanks for the support!
  12. Hey Guys, I am excited to say that I have made the finals again for the Best Small Game show on Sportsman Channel. Just follow the link and you can vote for all of your favorites in each category! Thanks for all the support you guys have given me in the past. I can't say Thank You enough! http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/vote/
  13. Got my red lights up

    I recently installed 3 of the new Wicked Lights Feeder lights. One of each color. It took 3 days for the hogs to get used to them. Now they have NO problem with the lights. They will get used to it no matter what color you use. The white will make your life ALOT easier when shooting. But they all work fine, and hogs hit each one every night.
  14. Facebook Death Threats

    Some of you have probably seen the story of the World Record Mako I recently shot with my bow. Well the story went Viral this week. It was picked up by CNN, FOX, LA TIMES, ESPN, and tons of others. Well naturally the Libtards are all over it! My Facebook account has been taken over. I would really appreciate some support from the outdoor community. Feel free to comment on the pictures. I have already erased and Deleted HUNDREDS of comments on my page. I cannot keep up. I am attaching a Link to my page. Please head over there "like" the page and comment on the shark pictures. It would mean a lot! Thanks for the support in advance! Jeff https://www.facebook.com/JeffThomasonTV