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  1. A Few Open Reeds

    The Green Buckeye Burl call is sold
  2. A Few Open Reeds

    The Axis Horn call is sold
  3. A Few Open Reeds

    The Axis / Gemsbok call is sold
  4. A Few Open Reeds

    From left to right: Axis / Gemsbok $45 Green Buckeye Burl $45 Red Curly Maple $30 Purple Buckeye Burl $45 Axis Horn $40 Brass witch / .50 call brass $20
  5. Eye Candy

    Rick, I would love to do that again. I know I had a wonderful time and Jason made some awesome shots to close out that weekend. I was also disappointed to hear you and your lovely bride won't be at the Rondy this year. I was putting together a box of wood blanks to give you for knife handles.
  6. Eye Candy

    Just a few I have been working on for the Randy next weekend.
  7. Why not? Someone has to keep an eye on Bennie
  8. Put Parker down for the adult archery match. I would but I doubt anyone would want me shooting my crossbow!!!
  9. Put me and Parker down for the adult rifle match
  10. Put me and Parker down for 2 bunks please
  11. The place I have leased for hunting the past 15 years is only 200 acres with half of that in cultivation. We only see a handful of deer all season on a good year, but there has never been a shortage of pigs or coyotes. This particular morning Parker and myself sat in our deer blind hoping to see a deer or a group of pigs. I had carried my trusty Remington 788 in .243 and Parker had insisted on taking his 7mm mag. He had taken a big 6 pt and a couple of pigs with the 7mm mag, but in my opinion was too much gun for him to shoot. Keep in mind Parker was considered to be a "little guy" until he turned 15. As dawn broke that morning we listened to several coyotes from different directions. No better way to start a day in my opinion!!! The feeder went off and we patiently waited, but no deer or pigs showed up. I started to gather our gear and head to the truck, when we spotted 4 coyotes on the move just behind the feeder. Parker tried to get his big ol rifle out the window for a shot, but they stayed on the move. I lip squeaked several times and they never looked our way. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was disappointed he didn't get a shot off. Just as we settled back down I spotted another coyote working his way down the fence line. Straight out in front of us would be a 100 yd chip shot for him, so I helped him get his rifle out the window and told him to get ready. I started a series of lip squeaks and here he came on a rope!!! I whisper to Parker to shot him when he stopped. A few seconds later the coyote stopped and Parker laid him over at 40 yards.................Thru a mesquite tree. As the coyote dropped I saw the mesquite limb fall and thought to myself that didn't just happen. Once we climbed down and looked things over, it was verified that he shot the thru the mesquite limb killing the coyote. The coyote weighed in at 42 pounds, by far the biggest coyote we have ever taken off this place. We also scored him thru the Trophy Game Records and he made the record books as being the 16th largest coyote. Something he is still proud to tell.
  12. Which Do You Prefer???

    Ole Blood, I am right beside you on a lot of the exotic hardwoods. They look awesome and carry a great tone. My only issue is how expensive some of these woods are. By the way I am just now learning how to put a CA finish on one. What little experience I have with this, I am very impressed and hope to switch to this permantly real soon. Bobcat, I hear what your saying, but there is just something about a call turned from antler that carries a great tone and looks good as well. Only issue I have with turning antler is I can never find a piece big enough to turn one the same style/shape like my wood calls. Bennie, the mini blaster in my opinion is the best production call on the market and has been more many years. They are inexpensive and have a great range of sounds that you can produce with one. A simple design that works great!!!