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  1. 2017 TPP

    Any lowers planned for this year?
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Better late than never Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my family here !
  3. How Much Meat From a Hog?

    Always wondered what the break down really was.
  4. Birthday Gift from my Wife and Son

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  5. My New 1911 10mm

    I'm still waiting to get one !
  6. Group Buy-Coyote Light?

    Know I'm too late for the party but would like information,please.
  7. Happy New Year!!

    Wishing the best for all this coming year !
  8. Billie got a good cull

    Congrats, that's a nice one.
  9. Results of last few days hunting

    Looks like you found a honey hole ! Congratulations on the buck.
  10. Are there wolves in Texas?

    I was out in the Palo Duro canyons area yesterday and just happen to stop by a historical marker and it mentioned wolves in the area.So that got me to wondering if they're still around and if so could they be hunted.
  11. My mother in law has passed away.

    So sorry for the loss, praying for the family.
  12. SHOOTER's 2015 Christmas Suit-Help Him Decide!

    If he's going to stay in the city the red one, but if he ventures out in the country!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my family on here !
  14. Danger headed our way

    Since Wednesday afternoon nothing but rain in Mason, Brady,Brownwood,Abilene,College Station and West back to Dallas. I've been in rain. With West getting the most that I35 was shut down at mile marker 353. Everyone please be safe and watchful!