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  1. South Texas Buck

    Thanks for the comments guys. Good to be here Bob! I check this place daily, just lurk. Camoman, thanks for the headsup. He followed my old man to San Angelo. I was thinking a drop tine might be hard to replace since not too many are willing to give theirs up. May fix up the brow tine though. I bet it was 6 inches, but I might not be the guy to ask, lol.
  2. South Texas Buck

    Took this guy a few days before Christmas West of San Antonio. Held out the previous 4 hunts and ended up with him on the last night. Scored 141 1/8 without his left brow tine which had to of been a doozy as the base was the biggest Ive seen for a brow tine. He also had a drop tine but broke it off dangit. He's still a good buck and my first in 5 years. Currently getting him shoulder mounted.
  3. B-Day Dog

    Good job Bob. Happy B-Day!!
  4. Texas heart shot

    Thats when it was Shooter and we were around Odessa. Would have loved to run into ya and had ya buy our dinner.
  5. Purp and his heart shot coyote. Windy night, terrible conditions but managed to call in a few. The bottom coyote ran across the location as soon as I flipped on the light and Bob nailed him with his shotgun. It was fun Bob.
  6. Two more for Tom

    Yea Im definately behind. And am getting cabin fever.
  7. Sandhills

    Hey hey. Good job!! I know them things ruin coyote hunting. Noisy suckers. Im chompin' at the bit to pull the trigger on something.
  8. Two more for Tom

    Im getting behind now. The fur looks good this year Bob. Have you seen signs of mange?
  9. TJ, this one's for you

    Good job, hopefully this cold snap lasts until I get there.
  10. Hey purp

    Thanks Bob, me and purp are supposed to go bust some here soon. Ft Hood is shotgun only so its hard to kill any. Hey Purp, got my leave granted just dont have the specific days. Buttttttt something like the 20th of this month through the 6th of Jan. Im ready to go!!!!!
  11. Hey purp

    Not a bad way of doing it in East Texas if you can find 3-4 to alternate from. Taken plenty out West but this is my first East Texas coyote. So thats a feat in itsself.
  12. Hey purp

    Im trailing ya. Killed her at a dairy dump munching on a hind quarter, lol. Hey Ill take em anyway I can.
  13. Very cool weekend (a blast from the past - arrowhead hunting)

    Ive always wanted to get into that. But I aint got the eye for old indian campgrounds and such. WTG!!
  14. El Paso/Juarez-The Rest of the Story

    I never understood why the border troubles arent publicized but I guess I can see why not. A headline reading "drugs are being smuggled across the Mexican border" or "corruption across the border" probably isnt news at all. Looking at relocating there myself in the next year. One has to be smart in his travels and keep away from certain areas for sure. As long as I stay planted on American soil and trouble stays across the river I should be good.
  15. Is it just me or what?

    Only the die hards will be out splurging on gas and sitting in the heat right now.