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  1. 22 Nosler

    Sounds like we will be getting a new round for predator hunting from Nosler. Dies and brass have been seen online for sale but not in stock anywhere yet. They are announcing at Shot Show but not much info is leaking out yet. Looks like the case is somewhere between a 22/6.8 SPC and a 22Dasher size. I already have a 22/6.8 with an Improved shoulder which is OK but I prefer a Little more capacity so hoping it's closer to a 22Dasher
  2. 22 Creedmoor workout

    More Pigs on New Years 430yd and 440 yd 35 yds
  3. 22 Creedmoor workout

    Throw some corn out and maybe they will hop the fence and head your way. This place is 50 sq miles and low fence. Here is my cull from two years ago didn't shoot anything last season Pic of the younger ones we don't Cull
  4. 22 Creedmoor workout

    That load was 80.5 Berger Full Bore running 3480fps
  5. 22 Creedmoor workout

    Prior to Christmas got to spend a couple of days chasing deer,pigs and coyotes....basically whatever happened to stick it head out. Needed to cull a bunch of bucks thin some does. I had brought my 6x45 too but ended up only shooting the 22 Creedmoor once I found what the main intention was. Shots varied from 60 to a long of 420 on one hog. I shot 16 various deer Others using my rifle killed 5 more so it was 21 for 21 no misses. All but three DRT all shoulder shots. Pig at 420 Pig at 310 Oh yea I managed a few coyotes too.. shot these one morning... shot 8 total
  6. My wife and I visited my Son's family is Roswell,NM this past few days to play with the granbabies mainly. My son got in late Friday from Santa Fe and on Saturday we decided to make a few stands near town just to get out fora while and it clouded up and made the condtions halfway nice. First stand called a coyote on my side and my gun did not fire...still not sure what was up except bad primer and it had a good strike from the firing pin?? Anyway moved on second stand nada then 3rd called a double but the grass was tall and they got downwind before we could get on them. My son killed one running at 162 yards so we saved face. Next spot we killed another. He shot this one with the 22 Creedmoor
  7. Free Range Oryx

    Congrats Troy on a unique Bull. They are pretty animals. I saw around 50 of them over Labor Day weekend on the ranch I hunt coyotes on. It's a big ranch and not high fenced and they just found their way there from an adjacent property and no one bothers them so they are really populating.
  8. I scan constantly with a steady smooth motion like a airport beacon. May not matter but I don't like whipping multiple lights around like Light Sabre's going everywhere.... But have been with folks that do that and still kill critters. Main point is light must be on to see eyes and it only takes a coyote a few seconds to come in and leave if the light is off. Been using the new Foxpro when hunting with others and it's pretty nice unit.
  9. Bennie is correct if you go up on powder it may go up or down. Sometimes the faster velocity of the higher powder charge will hit lower due to the bullet leaving the barrel quicker lower in the recoil cycle. Just have to try it to know. Personally as long as they both impact in the same Vertical line and they were only 2 inches high at 100 yards then I would be OK with that. So one load is sighted at 100 and the other is sighted in at 200 yards no big deal.... Not going to miss a deer for sure.
  10. New Year Eve's Hunt

    Various rabbit ....BayBee Cottontail ,Eastern Cottontail. Called in 4 at once with Yipping Coyotes after one came to BayBee and got downwind with no shot so I switched and the whole family came. I killed the two males.
  11. Gun Light Recommendations

    I have been using the Coyote light for several years now and it's been a great piece if equipment. Mine is the older original style but works like a champ. Under good condtions 300 yard + shots are possible.
  12. Made a few stands on New Year's Eve Ended up with 10 coyotes Thursday and Friday. Called in 6 bobcats and a couple of fox but did not shoot them. Didn't shoot this one either..... I lipped squeaked up close.
  13. These are two powders I have found that give very light recoil and are clean burning if high velocity is not of concern. N320 and the new E3 from Alliant. I have loaded both for 9mm with 124gr strictly for 3 Gun competitions
  14. Loading 22-250

    AR Comp and CFE223 both are recent new additions that work very well in the 22-250........ My AR Comp load with the 52gr Berger's are traveling so fast I don't even post it as no one would believe it anyway.

    My wife and I stopped in there last week as I wanted an orange vest for a Colorado hunting trip. They did not have what I was looking for but I did look for reloading supplies and they informed me they do not carrry them at all. I doubt I will go in there very often as Cabela's and even Academy carry relaoding supplies now. It is a nice store but I will be surprised if they can hang with the other two.