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  1. Posse "Shark Hunt"

    Ryan Let me Know when you have the dates set Will Take two spots one for me and my Boy The sooner on date set better for me so can get time off work Me and wife had great time on are anniversary on that fishing trip think me boy will have just as good time will try and out do wifes shark lol would it be ok to bring my own gear on trip boy will need to use pole thou thanks Joe
  2. Tuna trip report

    Sorry it took so long but as soon as i got home had to go out of state for my job This was my first tuna trip. I arrived in Port Aransas Thursday at about 4pm to get loaded on the boat for early departure on Friday morning. It was a 10 hour run to the first rig we was going to fish at that evening. Everybody was getting ready to start fishing for the all night marathon. Since it was my first trip I was watching everyone else to see how they were doing it and then got mine ready. Some were getting ready for giging and some for popping, some getting ready for chunking. So I started off getting ready to gig on one of my four poles I had on the boat. Started out gigging and learning the techniques. Wasn't getting much luck until I changed over to a pink and white gig. First drop down bang hooked up a black fin tuna. Fought him up to the boat to have a barracuda bite him in half. So all I had was a head when I got him up. As the guys say the gigging was slow so four more hours I got three to the boat which we used for bait for the chunking. Got tired of gigging so tried my hand at chunking. I hooked up with a yellow fin tuna line snapped so I put another hook on and little while later hooked up to another one. Fought him for about ten minutes and pulled the hook. The third one hooked a monster, fought him around the boat for two and a half hours, he was whipping me, lol. Finally get him up and as the crew was getting ready to gaf it my leader snapped. As I was new to tuna I am only going on what the deck hands told me was it's estimated weight was, around a 165 pounds. I was extremely tired and almost cried losing him at the boat. Hooked him up on the smallest setup I had.(Note bigger set up of reels) So changed up to my biggest setup 50 wide reel 130 lb test. That was about it for the first night. We made a run during the day to another rig for some grupper fishing. Where a couple of fishermen hooked up boat limit on Warsaw grupper, which was 2 per boat. They were about 150 lbs each. So fished there for 3 or 4 hours with various gruppers getting caught and amber jacks all nice sized fish. So we headed back for the 2nd night of tuna fishing. I started out chunking with my bigger setup. Was using cutup sardines and had a whole one on my hook. Kept seeing a tuna dart up and eat the chunks. Go up to my whole one look at it and dart off. It did it like 3 times. So, I cut a bunch of chunks up again and this time I buried my hook into one of the chunks and threw it over and watched him start eating the chunks. Then I watched him take the one with my hook in it. Then the fight was on. I fought him for about 40 minutes and got him on board. It weighed 65 lbs on scale. This was on the last night at about 2 in the morning. After that I called it quits and went and laid down cause I was tired. The boat for the trip ended up with 23 yellow fin tuna, about 60 black fin tuna which most was used for bait. Here is a picture of my tuna And the tradition of eating your 1st tuna heart Group pic of all the catch Pic of dolphin in the bay while I was waiting to have my tuna cleaned Pic of 1st tuna of the trip This gentleman I saved his fishing pole the 2nd night out when he lost it overboard it caught my line by chance. According to him it was a $1400 save.
  3. first tuna trip

    Ill be leaving in the morning for my first tuna trip I booked a 56 hour trip party boat with friends on another board there be 24 of use on this trip Hoppen to have a bunch of pictures of the trip of some nice tunas hope to be in one with a nice tuna
  4. Tuna Trip

    Ryan am in for trip for tuna ether boat be fine just would need 2-3 weeks heads up on date for work purpose tryed calling you voice box on your phone full
  5. .17 HMR

    i have a savage 97 little dressed up a bit
  6. few more pictures

    here are few more pic of are two day trip
  7. Tj5 and I took our annv trip down to Port O Connor to go fishing with Ryan (Flip Flop). We fished 2 days. We caught Spanish Mackrell, Croaker, King Fish, Red Fish, Sting rays, Jac, Boenesta (tuna) and of course shark, a bunch of shark. Some small some big. Tj caught a 4ft black tip shark and I caught a 6ft bull shark. We had a great time with Ryan and look forward to taking more fishing trips with Ryan.
  8. my hunt with B&S outfitter

    It took a long time but finallt got my mounts back [/url]">http://http://s405.photobucket.com/user/jtprice/media/000_1027_zpsfd27af08.jpg.html'>
  9. Big hog

    the light on it is green . I have all 3 but green i can see lt farther then red and white spooks the hogs That set up is marlin 336 in 35 remington made in 1979 vortec 4-12/50 extreme predator light in green
  10. am useing the freedom brand fb2 so far seems to be working well once i found how to set them with just two hands f&t trap look up there web sight list a bunch and the fb2 are the cheapest ones they list at 12.00
  11. Big hog

    took out my new best friend hunting last night (35rem) look what mt friend did for me
  12. Cool i found that marshmellows work great too frist night i set three traps got 3 useing marshellows
  13. 35 remington

    Any one know of any in the USA i can use 150gr to the 200gr Any leads on sme Id really be grateful
  14. my hunt with B&S outfitter

    only got about a year to get him back i did get a cull one to it was only 8inch one so this petstoll table top having them both mounted on same base
  15. First off Had a great time Thanks Steve,Marla,Brent Hunted for a blackbuck and axis. Frist day Steve said he knew where a real nice blackbuck was hanging out. Which he named (GHOST) he told me we get one shot at then poof he was gone! Boy was he right, he busted us at 100 yds then he was gone never seen him again rest of the hunt. So off we went looking for a nother nice BB drove around looking over as many as we could find. These thing are wild as you can get. They was busting us at 800-1000yds. We finally rounded a corner and seen one that didnt see us frist and it was 400yds away. So put a stalk on him closing the distance to 250yds. Closest I could get for a shot. So got set up and let the 7mag rip. Hit him good then it did some thing i never seen befor it set like a dog on its hind legs for a few then just fell over. He straight taped out to be 18 1/2 inch both sides. Steve dos have some bigger. Now for the Axis part of this. I thought the blackbuck hunt was hard BUT all NO not compared to the axis. Hunted hard for a axis for 2days, seen two sparing so put a stalk on them to about 150yds they turned out to be smaller axis. One was around 27inch, other was around 25inch. I passed on them. Steve said he has bigger. All he got them bigger but man I thought blackbuck was flighty. We spoted a nice, I mean nice velvet 35inch and wide beded out around 200yds glassed him for few seconds and he was gone (hind sight lol should of glassed him with scope ) lol. Early next day spoted 4, 100yds off they stood there thinking we didnt see them in some heavy brush. Key word heavy brush so I got set up trying to pick a hole throw the brush. I thought had one. Was wrong as I let my 7mag ripp ended up hiting catcus and branch. Hunted hard the last day seen 4 others that gave us the slip. Marla cooking was great and great hostess. I highly recommend B&S outfitters. Steve & Brent will work there butts off to make the best hunt for you possibly. DEER hunters dream with the sheds I seen and the deer. They have sable, zebra, elk, fallow, blackbucks, tx dalls mouflon (huge) axis.