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  1. Trying To Get Ready For The Rondevous

    I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a couple of those
  2. Back in the saddle

    Welcome back Jeff!!!
  3. Attn Call Makers

    Ya psoting any calls for sale too? How the heck ya doing, and hows lil Parker growing?
  4. Varmints Inc. Killer D fer sale

    Copy that. Just let me know, so I don't short ya.
  5. Varmints Inc. Killer D fer sale

    Thats what I'm talking about $14.50 it is. Ya gona throw anything else in there I can pay for in adnvance.
  6. Varmints Inc. Killer D fer sale

    Do I have one of these yet?
  7. I may be done......

    THAT I filly understand myself. Especially with young kids in the house.
  8. I may be done......

    You know I don't have either one of those calls? Matter fact I'm not sure I have any of your calls? I thought ya quit making calls a few years ago so I never persued it at all? Are ya having a rough time else where or is it just with your calls? From what I recall, you make some nice looking calls. Not sure why they wouldn't sell over some of whats offered these days? Todd
  9. What's on your lanyard?

    Johnny Stewart PC-3, Rhino, Kee's Black Bird Coaxer and one slot that rotates between customs that currantly has one of Lonehowls bite rred calls on it.
  10. First Bite Reed

    Yipper, ordered a handful myself.
  11. Been awhile

    You'll find some familiar faces here sir!
  12. Joe in Predator Xtreme

    Charlie, Joes not on the cover cause he's the centerfold.
  13. Joe in Predator Xtreme

    Thanks Bob.
  14. Joe in Predator Xtreme

    I'll have to look for the new one on the racks. (whats on the cover this month?) Looking forward to reading it and congrats on getting another one in the mag Joe. (insert clapping smilie)
  15. BIg chunk of horn...

    Thats one beautiful horn ya have there Joe, and I really like the photo layout ya did. Wish I could take pictures like that. Side note: Been thinking about getting that Tea Party Flag tattooed to my arm.