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    hunting, punching paper, varmint calling, and I have a real addiction for P.D.s

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  1. Out of Shape...........

    I see they have a nice pavilion, need a coach? Nunya
  2. Fred good to hear your fingers typing again. Like so many of us, aging gracefully, finding something to keep us busy is not a problem. Thanks for the update. Part of getting old is learning to read between the lines. My understanding of your post is that you are asking for some breeding pairs. Is that correct? I know where some may be acquired. I would love to get the fishing pole out and go snare some for you. Let me know. Some may require medical attention prior to breeding. Nunya
  3. SHOOTER's New Tactical Vest

    Hey Buzz not sure what the question was because of the big words so like I always say, "YES DEAR." Anyone who knows or has ever met Shooter knows he has his heart in the right place. it's worth protecting. Nunya
  4. SHOOTER's New Tactical Vest

    This is why I follow the board so close. Nunya
  5. Happy Birthday Nunya!!!

    Thanks all. Took the day off and spent most of it riding around the old haunts and back roads of home. I'm officially rock-n-chair old. Doesn't seem possible. Nunya
  6. Loaded and ready to go hunting!

    I' m guessing maybe it was front wheel drive?
  7. Finally Had to get a New Computer

    Had very similar issues after the mother board in my old desk top fried. I also upgraded to a new Dell Laptop. Technology dependence is very frustrating. Nunya
  8. Happy Bday

    If Mother Nature could see what she created in Shooter I'm sure she would ask for a "Re-do" Happy Birthday, may you have 29 more. Nunya
  9. Happy New Year

    Best wishes to all for a happy and prosperous new year. Shooter has already found time to do a selfie this year. nunya
  10. Thanksgiving

    Best wishes to all of the Posse as well as those serving and protecting. This has been a year where there has been plenty of challenges and makes one more appreciative of the good things. Nunya
  11. Got this one this morning

    Congrats Bennie nice little buck. Meat in the freezer and something to show for it. nunya
  12. Clinton Campaign

    I could believe Bill if he said, " I DID NOT have sex with this women." nunya

    I would imagine that Rick is finding out he has more candles than wind. Like the rest of us. Happy Birthday Rick. Nunya