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  1. I am going to be out of town on the 18th as I will be hunting. I will cook the meat and frijoles if I can get someone to haul to Ft. McKavett on Friday. Perhaps I can get some more great help from Bennie, Barb, Doug, Donna and anyone else wanting to pitch in. I think that I will be in town Friday morning and then leaving that afternoon. Adios, Gary
  2. supper today...

    Dang!!!!!! Can't beat a hog. Adios, gary
  3. Have You Heard This?

    I agree as well, they are very much like Wal Mart and very difficult to deal with from the vendor side. They are big enough that they will dictate terms which can really hurt a small business. Adios, Gary
  4. Gary Blair

    I met Gerry several times and visited with him on the phone quite a few others. Years ago, I even was in the same turkey hunting camp with him here in Menard County. He was a very nice man and a great story teller. I remember Murry Burnham telling me about the time he and Gerry hunted coyotes together and Murry got the idea that Gerry was trying to shoot most of the coyotes. Being as competitive as he was, Murry said that he got very aggressive in the shooting so that Gerry did not kill as many coyotes as he did. Adios, Gary
  5. New Vehicle

    Congratulations! Those are nice vehicles that deliver good mileage. Which engine does yours have? Some of those rascals can really get up and go. Adios, Gary
  6. King of the Cowboys

    Yeah, most of the folks up there are Yankees...... Adios, Gary
  7. King of the Cowboys

    Shooter, I agree with you, that country is beautiful and especially when the leaves start to turn. I would not want to live there but I do enjoy visiting. Adios, Gary
  8. King of the Cowboys

    My days of breaking horses and riding bulls are long over. I would hate to think that I would have to get straddle of one that could really buck or even crow hop. Phil still rides and ropes most everyday but I think his days of riding rough stock are over as well. He has a Granddaughter that is 8 years of age and is the best female horseperson I have ever seen for that age, perhaps, male or female. She is already winning most all of the youth rodeos in barrels and poles and is so good, that she can ride several of her horses bareback when practicing. Tanner Green, a high school junior was the Texas High School All Around Champion Cowboy this year. Tanner is a huge hunter as well. Adios, Gary
  9. King of the Cowboys

    This week on CARNIVORE, Phil Lyne, Steve and I will be traveling to Newport, NH to see if we can get his old Model 77 .220 Swift back to cycling. Phil and I have been hunting and outfitting together since the early 90's, he is a great hunter, great shot and most importantly, a very close friend. As most of you know, Phil was All Around Champion Cowboy in 1971 and 1972 and five times World Champion. He was such a big deal that Walt Disney shot a documentary entitled GREAT AMERICAN COWBOY that won several awards. I hope that you have a chance to tune in. Adios, Gary
  10. Best of Six

    Heck Ole Blood, you may be lucky.... Adios, Gary
  11. Best of Six

    Minikills, the show shot at Devine aired the week before last. Believe it or not, we got more compliments on that show than we did on any other show this season with the exception of Deb's lion hunt. Hope you have a chance see it when it airs again late this season. Adios, Gary
  12. Best of Six

    This week on CARNIVORE, we will go back and look at some of the more unusual hunts that we have aired over the last six seasons. I did not pick them, rather gave Brian Hawkins, our producer the honor. I hope that you will tune in if you get the opportunity. Thanks, Gary
  13. A Ratskin to a Ranch

    OP, here's what is next. This week I am back in Devine, TX, home of Shooter and ex-home of Bobcat hunting on the ranch where I grew up. As a youngster, the main store and meeting place in town was Loggins and Lilly's which is where the bank is next to the library. The slogan that "If we don't have it, you don't need it", was true at Loggins and Lilly's so much that their motto was "Everything from a Ratskin to a Ranch". I hauled my dogs down there and hunted along Black Creek, hoping to tree a coon or bobcat in one of the ancient live oak trees where I had treed a critter as a boy, 50 years ago. I also toured around town on the same streets where many of the pickups had dog boxes and all had a rifle in a gun rack in the back window. I was sad to see that many of the little Mom and Pop businesses are gone and a Wal Mart has moved in between town and the interstate. The good thing is that many of my friends are still there and folks are still friendly. I hope that you will tune in as I step back in time. Adios, Gary
  14. Different Kind of Hog Hunt

    This week on CARNIVORE, we follow combines as they harvest corn north of Snyder, TX. The action really heats up when they get down to the last couple of laps. Hope that you will tune in. Adios, Gary
  15. The Best Show of a Great Season

    OP, I think I will pass on the golf date. I refuse to play a game that makes me feel inadequate and if carried two golf bags over 18 holes, you would have to bury me and I don't think the other golfers would appreciate you digging up the course. I do appreciate the invite. Adios, Gary