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  1. Any news on PD's

    Thanks for the updates folks.
  2. Hi, Any news on pd's in the panhandle? Would like to shoot some this year.
  3. African Mounts

    Thanks Bennie for the information. I will keep you posted from time to time. Thanks Bobcat for chiming in. oldhoward
  4. African Mounts

    Nice trophies Bennie Congrats! Did you any issues picking them up? We are still waiting for our trophies, probably get them in September.
  5. Kubusi Safaries

    HI Bwana, Me and my sons went to S/A with Kubusi Safaris. Great bunch of folks. I was suffering from severe back pain and needed surgery, but I went anyway. Greg and Deon bent over backwards to accommodate me. I can't say enough good things about them! We harvested 16 animals all total between the three of us. The food was good and the new lodge is wonderful. I highly recommend these folks. I am ready to go again! OldHoward
  6. Relapse

    Get well soon.
  7. Trespass Fees for Pdogs

    I would go if possible
  8. I would be interested. Can you supply some dates? oldhoward
  9. NW Panhandle Pd report

    Hi Fred, we sure do miss coming up to see you and having a great time. Hope all is well. It is sure nice to hear from you perhaps we can sneak up for a day or two. Howard
  10. Bwana I would be intrested and probably a friend would be intrested as well. thanks, oldhoward
  11. Stumped Where did the deer go?

    thanks everyone
  12. I am just stumped this year so far. First we had lots of good deer on game cams, then about a week before gun season they disappeared. We have hunted ths land for 11 years and never seen such a low in activity, or should I say no activity. Feeders are working, wheat is in fields and not much has changed that we can see. We are seeing more coyotes, and we have pigs as well but that's normal for the area. Anyone have any ideas what is going on or what to look for? Suggestions Thanks
  13. We had a great time hunting with Jeremy and recommend him. here is his contact info: www.sagebrushhunts.com/ Sagebrush Hunts Jeremy Gugelmeyer 1755 Buffalo Springs Lane Dalhart, TX 79022 806-362-4520 sagebrushhunts@hotmail.com
  14. Hi, just wanted to provide a short trip report about hunting pd's at Jeremy's Sagebrushhunts in the Texas Panhandle. We had a wonderful time hunting on public land, a self guided hunt. We stayed in Jeremy's guest house, with all the conveniences of home. There weren't thousands of pd's but a good number to keep 3 shooters busy for an hour or so at a time. Most of the shooting was at longer ranges 300-600 yards, however if you have something like a 17 hmr and shoot into the wind and sneak up on them your ranges could be 50 to 150 yards. We felt the hunt was very successful and would recommend Jeremy to anyone interested in hunting public lands. Thanks, Oldhoward
  15. Some place in Texas or a days ride.