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  1. 2017 Posse AR-15 Lowers?

    What would be the app cost on them?
  2. Bob put me down for the handgun match.
  3. Bob put me down for the adult rifle match.
  4. Bob, put me on the list for a bunk. Kerry
  5. African Mounts

    It took me longer to get my mounts in place.
  6. BAB's free range Blackbuck

    Sound like your told her it was too small, so that she would not have a bigger mount that you.
  7. One of the places that we used to shoot Pd had a trailer like that. It was built on a small utility trailer. The rack was built with square tubbing and had an expanded metal deck. The shooting benchs were mounted on a pipe that slid over a smaller pipe. The trailer had a jack in each corner like a pop-up camper, which made a stabble platform. With the raised deck it left room to store all of your gear in the bed of the trailer.
  8. Got my new Supressor today

    When we get these outage workers beat off, we will have to come by and check it out.
  9. Posse Whitetail Hunt?

    Maybe, need to know when to see if I could get off.

    Yes, Bennie abandoned us here at the plant. I don't know what he will do now without all of the entertainment this place has provided over the years. Best of luck in retirment.
  11. Fred, Thank for the update. We have missed our trips to your place every May.
  12. African adventure

    Bennie left out my Kudu pic.
  13. African adventure

    Bennie said it, to many stories to tell. We had a great hunt, our PH's favorite saying was ( No do'nt shoot we will get a bigger one). Our PH told me that we must be part South African, because Americans do'nt shoot like that.