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  1. Update.........booked a hunt with Clay Pope down at Utopia. Be headed down that way for the hunt next weekend. We lived in Uvalde for a few years and can't wait to get back in that part of Texas again.
  2. Thanks guys! I will check these out.
  3. I'm in Longview and the daughter is in Houston. Don't mind driving for a good hunting experience for the young ones. Have guns will travel. 
  4. Thanks ranchdog. That looks like it would be a good time. I doubt they would want to spend that much though. I would like something that we can all stay on the property in a nice lodge of cabin so we can all do the family thing. Maybe burn some steaks and tell some stories around the campfire. (If it ever rains so we can have a campfire!)
  5. Need a little help here guys. My youngest daughter called me up and told me she and her husband wanted to go hog hunting! I couldn't believe my ears. She hasn't gone hunting since she was in high school and her husband has "never" been hunting. I consider this an honor to be ask by them to take them hunting. I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction for a family hog hunt with decent accommodations and plenty of hogs and other game animals. Need a place that is nice and not to "rough" if you know what I mean. These two are big city (Houston) folks. It will be a great adventure for us all. Hooter
  6. Alaskan Adventure (Long)

    Thanks Bob. If you want a coastal brown bear.......this is the place and the guide to do it with. I can't recommend them highly enough. Great people, great boats, great food and will work very hard to make your hunt a successful one. I would go back and hunt with Bruce in a heart beat! By the way........ I would love to come down and do another hunt with you. I truly enjoyed that blackbuck hunt. Wouldn't mind chasing a few yotes either! Take care....... Hooter
  7. Bobcat ask me to post up some pics and details of my Alaskan dream hunt, so here goes. I have always dreamed of going to Alaska and hunting the big bears. My wife Candra and I decided that we had better get this done since we aren't getting any younger. I'm sure some of you folks out there can relate? So around the end of 2009 I started researching boat based Coastal Brown Bear hunts in Alaska. I ended up booking with Parker Guide Service out of Sitka and I am glad I did. Bruce Parker is the owner and Master Guide. He has a very nice boat and keeps all his equipment in excellent shape. I don't think anyone could have worked any harder making sure our trip was comfortable, enjoyable and successful. If anyone out there is like me and wants to hunt the big Alaska bears and likes a nice comfortable bed, warm shower and great food before and after the hunt...this is it. He also offers some excellent mountain goats hunts. We talked to him just a few days ago, and they took 7 nice goats in 9 days of hunting. About a month before we were to fly to Alaska, Bruce called me and said he had gotten some non-resident moose tags and wanted to offer us a chance at a moose. Probably not a trophy moose, but if we were lucky we might end up with some excellent moose meat for the freezer. So....after a short debate with my wife, we jumped on this opportunity. I wanted my wife to take the moose, so the deal was done. The story gets even better. About two weeks prior to leaving for Alaska, Bruce called me again and says he has had a "no show" for a black bear hunt and has an extra black bear tag available. Wow.....I have always wanted to hunt black bear and heck......since we are already there......why not! So, we drive to Dallas and catch a plane to Alaska. We flew into Sitka Alaska and from there took a short float plane ride out to the Alaskan Harvest. We started hunting coastal brown bear on the creeks that were full of spawning salmon. The brown bear were coming to the creeks and feeding on the salmon and we saw 5 to 10 bears each time we went out. We actually had coastal brown bear within 15 to 20 yards of us on several occasions. It will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end when a coastal brown bear is 15 yards from you and realizes you are there and starts growling at you! I was glad I had my 416 Remington with me. To make a long story short, on the evening of the 4th day, I shot a very nice coastal brown bear. It wasn't the largest brown bear in Alaska, but it squared 8'4" and had a beautiful dark chocolate coat with no rubs. The shot was from about 80 yards broad side. At the shot, the big bear stood straight up on his hind legs and let out a big roar! By the time I recovered from the recoil and chambered another round he was down on the edge of the creek and only made it about 10 yards from where I shot him. I was shooting an Ed Brown 416 Remington Magnum loaded with 370 grain North Fork bullets at 2400 FPS. I was very impressed with the performance. It was a perfect heart shot with a golf ball size entry hole and golf ball size exit hole. It was almost dark and I was very grateful we didn't have to follow up the shot into the thick brush! The brown bear was taken on Baranof Island. We pulled anchor and headed to Kuiu Island for black bear and moose hunting. Like the brown bear hunt, we would be hunting creeks full of salmon. All spot and stalk. It can be some easy walking and then again it can be very difficult. We were both glad we had been working out at the gym for 8 months prior to going on this trip! If you go hunting in Alaska....do yourself a favor and get in the best shape you can prior to going. You will be glad you did. It didn't take long to find black bear. We had a weather system moving in with high winds and heavy rain forecast. The bears natural barometer had kicked in and they were out in force feeding before the storm. We stalked down a creek and passed up several bears. Bruce kept telling me we need to go just a little farther down the creek! Just about 30 minutes before dark, we spotted a nice bear feeding in the creek. We stalked to about 50 yards and the bear caught us moving or heard us approaching. The bear walked back out of the creek as to leave, but turned to check us out before heading into the thick timber. Bruce said it looked like a nice bear and with the weather headed our way suggested I take the shot. The bear was slightly quartering towards us and was standing up on top of two rather large trees that had fallen into the creek. I put the crosshairs on the bears shoulder and squeezed off the shot. The bear folded up and fell off the trees and hardly kicked. I was using a custom Remington 700 chambered in 300 WSM. 180 grain Triple Shock bullets. The bullet entered just in front of the left shoulder and exited just in front of the last rib on the bears right side. As we slowly moved toward the bear, Bruce kept telling me that the bear was looking better all the time. When we finally got to the bear, we were "very" pleased to see that it was a very large bore with a huge head, body and paws. The bear squared out at 7 1/2' with a 19 1/2" skull. To say I was happy is an understatement! The it was Candra's turn to hunt moose. The weather turned sour on us and the rain and winds moved in. Bruce said I was very lucky to be able to take a brown bear and a black bear and never get a drop of rain on me. Well.......we made up for it with the moose hunt. We hunted moose on Kuiu Island using 4 wheelers and traveling the logging roads checking out the clear cuts. The rut was on, and we would use cow calls to try and coax a bull out of the thick stuff. On the third day of her moose hunt, we traveled 19 miles inland to a spot Bruce had seen a nice bull the year before. Finding a good spot to park the 4 wheel, they started calling. It didn't take long for an old bull to come looking for his new love! That was a mistake. The moose came in looking for love and instead ran into a 180 grain Triple Shock from the 300 WSM. It was an old moose that probably tipped the scales around 1200 pounds. He had a 40" spread and my wife was a very happy moose hunter. It was a chore getting all that meat and horns out of the woods and loaded on the 4 wheeler. The moose was shot at 9:00 AM and it was 3:00 PM before we got it back and into the skiff. The weather was so bad, that the float plane couldn't fly out to get us. We pulled anchor again and headed to Kake Alaska. Kake has a small air strip and we were able to catch a larger plan back to Sitka for our return flight home. This hunt was better than I could ever have imagine. Alaska is truly " The Last Frontier" and I truly hope I can go back for another hunt in the future. If you have been thinking about chasing the big bears.....just do it! It is something every hunter should experience in their lifetime. Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed telling it all over again! Hooter
  8. Jeff and I were wondering how Clint and his buddies were doing that weekend. Jeff started to call Clint a couple of time to see if their luck on cats was running as bad as ours was. I sure hope the populations improves soon, so I can have a good excuse to come back to Menard and give it another try. I sure like that part of Texas! I am still playing with that Burnham Brothers III call I bought from you. I can't believe how good it sounds. I can't wait to get out and give it a try. We'll be back!
  9. That last fox....the one on the left was the last one I shot. It was a big male fox that will most likely end up in the trophy room as a full body mount. I thought he was going to jump on the Burnham Brothers III. Of course.........I didn't give him the chance!
  10. Iraan Grey Fox

    Bob Wilkins will have plenty of practice on fox it looks like. My fox and ringtail will be headed that was soon. Congratulations on the fine looking fox!
  11. I just returned home from a hunt with Predator 1 Outdoors. I haven't done any predator hunting since I left NW Oklahoma over a year and a half ago. I was "overdue" to get out and enjoy this sport we all love. My wife and I headed down to Menard Texas on February 25th. The main purpose of this hunt was to get away for a few days and hopefully get a shot at a nice bobcat. As luck would have it, the cat hunting had become very tough the last month or so. Not sure if it's the hot and dry weather or what the deal is. The temperature the first day was in the mid 90's and it is dry as a popcorn _ _ _ _ down there! Anyway...........the hunt was on. I had never hunted predators at night and I really didn't know what to expect. I spent a couple of afternoons trying to harvest a hog before we set out on the predator hunting adventures. Unfortunately the hogs didn't want to come out and play. The first night out only resulted in one "missed" fox and one harvested fox. Shooting at night is a different game.......it would take a little getting adjusted to judging distances. The second night was a little more exciting due to a couple of racoons coming to the call and almost attacking the Burnham Brothers electronic caller. That was pretty neat to watch! I also harvested another fox after the first racoon left the area. After thirty minutes of calling the fox came into the call. A few sets later, we had an unusual guest come to the call. At first we didn't get a good look and didn't know exactly what it was. As it got closer, we realized it was a Ringtail Cat. It stayed out away from the truck and caller and I made the shot when it jumped up onto a low tree limb and looked in our direction. The distance was around 60 yards and at the shot the little Ringtail just disapeared. Jeff and I didn't know if the shot was good or not. We walked out to the tree and a nice male Ringtail was lying at the base of the tree. The 32 grain Winchester Silver Ballistic Tip 204 Ruger had entered just behind the right shoulder. To my surprise, there was little damage on the exit side. It will be an excellent addition to my trophy room. Shortly after this set the north wind picked up to around 20 to 30 mph. Too windy for calling and too darn cold for Jeff and I! The third night was cold. Temperatures started out in the mid 40's and steadly dropped into the mid 20's with a north wind. We both put on several layers of clothes and headed out. On about the third set, another fox popped out of the brush and headed straight for the Burnham Brothers callers. I handed Jeff my 204 and picked up my shotgun loaded with Dead Coyote. At 35 to 40 yards the the fox dropped with one shot. It was a nice smaller male. Later that night another fox came charging into the call and took us both by surprise. I didn't have time to change guns and ended up taking this one with the 204 at about 30 yards when it turned broadside. Again............a very little entry hole and very minimal damage on the exit side. I guess it was just too close and that little 32 grain bullet just zipped through so fast that it didn't do any major damage. This one was a very nice male fox that will be a prime canidate for the trophy room. As luck would have it, on our way back to town at 3:30 AM a bobcat runs across the road in front of the truck! After three nights of hunting and 30 + or - different sets without calling in a bobcat. Oh well.................now I will just have to plan another trip with Predator 1 Outdoors to get that bobcat. I can highly recommend Predator 1 Outdoors for a fine hunting experience. The lodging was excellent at the Pegleg Ranch where we stayed. Jeff worked very hard to make sure we were comfortable and happy with our stay. We hunted hard and Jeff knows what it takes to be successful and has all the right equipment for the job. We did have a few mechanical problems when a tree limb tried to remove the top rail from the shooting rack! Unfortunately the weather was a little crazy with temps ranging from 93 to 23 degrees with strong north winds. I will return and hunt with Predator 1 Outdoors again. I can also highly recommend the Burnham Brothers Compucaller II and Compucaller III. We used both while hunting and I was so impressed, that I brought one of the Compucaller III's home with me to try here in East Texas. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary, Clint and the nice ladies at their store there in Menard. They are "great" people and make a great product. Thanks again Jeff! I'll be back............!
  12. Order Posse Member Caps Here!

    Bobcat......... Sent funds for 1 green cap. Paid.Shipped.
  13. Order Posse T-Shirts Here!

    Bobcat.......... Sent funds for 1 XL shirt. Paid.Shipped.
  14. AR-15 Coyote Scope?

    I just installed a Trijicon 3x9x40 mil-dot crosshair with the amber dot on my new Remingtion AR-15. Pretty sweet combination.
  15. Desert coyotes

    Hey Bobcat...........that country look mighty familiar! I sent you a PM by the way. Hooter