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  1. BIg chunk of horn...

    Tim, haha been a spell!! Yessir, Randy Reeves wanted that one as soon as he saw it...that was a fun piece of horn...like I said, it's been a year or two since I've turned any, kinda been thinking about maybe turning a few one of these days. There's so many new guys and looks like they're doing some good work. Probably not much demand for us old farts to crank up but it may get be fun again...
  2. Was a great time for sure...great to see everyone.
  3. Devine TX M1A

    Thank you so much gentlemen, the rifle is sold to a good home...
  4. Devine TX M1A

    Replied with pics...
  5. Devine TX M1A

    I dunno Carl...I sent you and email. If you reply to it I will send ya some pics...
  6. Devine TX M1A

    Carl, I'm having trouble with my hosting for pics. I can mms or email you some if you wish...
  7. Devine TX M1A

    They made them there from about 1971 or 1972 until 1973 or 1974. A man named Elmer Balance started building them there from USGI parts. He sold it to a family by the name of Reese, as Springfield Armory inc... They moved it to Genesco, Il. They still own it...
  8. Devine TX M1A

    I was very fortunate to trade into a 98% early Springfield Armory M1A...ser # 00129X....made in Devine, Texas, before it sold to the Reese family as the current Springfield Armory...this one was hand done there in Devine...rifle is as built, maybe 20 rounds through it. It is bad sweet, but worth more than I can afford to hang on to...if you are interested or know a serious collector, gimme a holler and thanks!!!
  9. Finally

    Thanks ya'll...you are too kind!!
  10. Finally

    I finally got out to the shop, first time since February...took most of the day to finish this one (still have a bit of polishing to do). It is Water Buffalo and Turquoise, and can be voiced to suit the buyer. It is 85.00 TYD It went together as near perfectly as is possible for me...it is tenon fitted.
  11. I will see what I can do Bob, as always. I haven't been to the shop since February but will have to get back out there someday
  12. GJ Jim...wish I could have been there for that...he's a monster!!
  13. Three stands this morning, I missed a spooky one at about 250, dunno why...doesn't happen a lot but it does happen Third stand this little female came hopping in over tall grass...looked like a kangaroo.