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  1. I am wondering just how much they are discounting firearms during their "sale". I am going to run by the store in SA on the way back from Hondo today to take a look see. On another note, I noticed an Orvis store has opened in SA. Haven't been in it as yet.
  2. AR 15 new build

    Got 'er done. Wasn't able to build on Sunday as was called out of town. Completed today. Spikes stripped lower receiver w/ Crusader logo, Wilson match stainless 16" 1:8 barrel, 3lb timney trigger, Fail Zero nickel boron bolt carrier, BCMgunfighter charging handle, Magpul CRT stock, and DiamondHead free floating handguard,Also, put on some DiamondHead flip up sights. I'll be getting a Nikon M223 4-`6x42 next month. Completion took about 2.5 hours. Dang small springs and pins are a PIA! [/u RL]
  3. 2017 Posse AR-15 Lowers?

    yep! Probably two.
  4. AR 15 new build

    Modern Elite Firearms is the shop in Hill Country Village, Texas. It is actually surrounded by San Antonio, and ten minutes from my house. They hold the class on the last Sunday of the month, and limit it to four people. More info http://www.modernelitefirearms.com/
  5. AR 15 new build

    I will be building an AR 15 this Sunday at my local gun shop. I plan to shoot 5.56 ammo. Does unprimed 5.56 new LC brass require any special primer pocket attention? Any recommendation of 5.56 die set? Should the brass be crimped? I do reload, but never for semi-auto nor 5.56. thanks
  6. Who is the lucky Rondie winner?
  7. Bass Pro and Cabela's

    Is this old news? I was up at Cabela's in Buda yesterday, and made a comment about Bass Pro buying out Cabela's. The ole boy said it hasn't happened and probably won't. Bass Pro is apparently having difficulty coming up with the financing. I hope Cabela's continues as a separate company.
  8. Add Amigo and Skydiver to the list, por favor.
  9. The Blonde and the Puzzle

    I like it! truth be told, I never have met a dumb blonde. A bit ditzy; maybe.
  10. Gander Mtn

    Just read that they are filing for BK, and looking for someone to buy them. I don't recall buying anything from them, but I have gone into the store on occasion to check out a firearm for "feel". My impression was that they sold pretty much to MSRP; no deals there. We have one store in San Antonio. They took over the Sportsman Warehouse.
  11. Hearing protection while hunting??

    I always wear hearing protection; period. Even so, I do have hearing loss of high frequency. I bought the analog hearing plugs way back in 2001 for my Africa hunt. The digital ones are expensive,but no more so than having to buy hearing aids. http://espamerica.com/
  12. Happy Anniversary

    Congrats! 25 yrs is an accomplishment these days.
  13. Some Short Humor Stories

    But, I love my dogs!
  14. Some Short Humor Stories

    I pass them through Dianne first. If I come out unscathed, I figure they are safe to post.