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  1. We scored big time .

    Had a great time this weekend at the lease . Finally connected with some Turkeys . Saturday morning , nothing , but jakes and hens . Saturday evening sat with Billie to try and get her a Turkey , success , Called in a nice Tom , continued the stand and called in a second one about a hour and half later for me . Sunday morning , was very windy , but managed to get in another good Tom , well actually five Toms , but chose to only shoot one . Saving one for the bow or crossbow . Had some great friends to spend the weekend with , Charlie blowed in for a little while , then Curtis and Tracy showed up . All in all a great weekend for sure . In spite of the really windy conditions , which made it hard for me to hear , could hear Goblers everywhere , they were active this weekend .
  2. Went to the Waco store , all their stuff was on sale , a lot of it 50% . Their guns were also on sale . Yes I did buy one , a CZ Bobwhite in 28 gauge . I have been looking at them for a while and it was 200 dollars cheaper than anywhere I've found them . Also bought ammo that was on sale Winchester AA about 7.50 a box . Somehow , boots , a pop up blind and some camo jumped in my cart .
  3. Praying for you still . Hope it gets better .
  4. Any news on PD's

    Heard of one place that charged $200.00 a day to shoot at a marginal population . Way too much for my blood , lost interest when they said 200.00 . Ain't that mad at em .
  5. Great shooting as always . Especially with limited visibility .
  6. For the "car guys" out there

    It is coming together . Gotta love those old Camero . 66 through 69 were my favorites .
  7. New Posse Facebook Group

    Facebook isn't as bad as some think . I pretty much post the same stuff on facebook that I do here , but I do get a little political on facebook and sometimes use foul language towards idiots . Give it a chance guys . As said , try it , you might like it .
  8. As high as their prices are and the bad service , it is not a loss as far as I am concerned .
  9. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Buy what you like . I have more weapons of various sorts than I can use most times and all the gadgets that go with them or a lot of them . I just have no need for some . It is whatever blows your skirt up . If you like it , buy it . Is there a practical use for it , maybe not . Like my brother questioned why I needed a surpressor , cos I wanted one , liked it bought another . Personal choice and preference . I do agree with Mark , that I as a responsible adult , who has also served in the military should have the right to carry where ever I like . To me it makes about as much sense as having to have a Hunters Safety Course to hunt out of state , when I just got out of the Army , go figure . Like I told Billie I was looking for a CZ Bobwhite shotgun in .410 or 28 gauge , she said what do you need it for , then she said , oh it is not a need , it is a want and she is right . Buy what makes you happy .
  10. lightning is not your friend!!

    It is a good thing you were home to shut the fire down quick . Too bad it done so much damage . Thank goodness you are both unharmed .
  11. Great videos Jhop .
  12. AR 15 new build

    Good looking rig .
  13. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Have heard of them , never have tried them . Waste of ammo to me . Being an old M60 gunner , auto fire is not that impressive to me .
  14. Porker from this weekend . Turkeys didn't want to play , but Clint got a big boar and I got this sow . Plus Clint killed a rattler about 2 1/2 foot long . Also a Grey Fox came in while I was calling , trying to figure out how he could get him a Turkey supper . He got a 100 grain Rage Broadhead . Didn't have a camera with me for the Fox , but smoked it with a crossbow at about 20 yards or so . scontent-dft4-1.xx.fbcdn.net scontent-dft4-1.xx.fbcdn.net
  15. Curtis (Hico44) and Kerry both shoot Fangs and seem to like them really well . I'f I break down and buy me one , so Billie can have hers back , it will probably be a PSE . Don't know what model , but the Fang does look tempting for the price .
  16. OP , I've pretty much just started with the crossbow . I blew my shoulder out again and will hopefully rehab it back . This is Billie's crossbow , but may have to resign myself to one if the shoulder doesn't get right . Hurts my shoulder and elbow when I draw my bow . I've heard of people taking really long shots with them . I am not that confident with it yet , I'd say about 30 maybe 40 yards if the critter is in a relaxed state , 20 if their not . But that is just me . I know it is a good shooter , at 30 I can center punch the target .
  17. Hawg Down

    Big ole stink hog . Good job .
  18. Amazing Game CAM Pic

    Excellent , looks like he has something in his paws , may have jumped and caught a bird .
  19. Any news on PD's

    Probably did , went right through some that were rebuilding .
  20. Lesson Learned

    That's a hunnert dollar shot .
  21. AR 15 new build

    Jhop is correct , you don't have to crimp and the primer pockets are standard , not military . But like he said , for the best results trim to length . Which you know since you reload . I do put just a minor crimp on mine , but it is just a preference thing for me .
  22. Any news on PD's

    Only place I had left in the Pan Handle sold out to wind generators and they don't want people shooting around them . With the way I have seen shot up farm equipment , windmills and other stuff , can't blame them . We went by a bunch of our old places last year and nothing was to be found . Went by Fred's , he wasn't home , but didn't see any pasture maggots there either .
  23. Problem or fun?

    I know some fellows who can help you out .
  24. Problem or fun?

    Sounds like fun to me .
  25. They look great . I am sure he will do an excellent job on Billie's Blackbuck . Have procrastinated two years getting it mounted .