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  1. Hunting hogs with dogs - a new adventure for me

    Good job , never have run them behind dogs . That one has some awesome cutters .
  2. Remember the Alamo

    On this day in 1836, a group of Texans hold their ground during a siege at the Alamo. That siege and the battle that followed were among the most pivotal events... of the Texas Revolution. Only a day earlier, on February 23, 1836, Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna had arrived at the Alamo with his army. That army badly outnumbered the Texans (then called Texians). There were only about 200 men defending the Alamo. The Alamo’s commander, William B. Travis, sent messengers pleading for help. Couriers were apparently able to slip past the Mexican forces until at least March 3, but maybe even as late as March 5. (The Mexican army was building earthworks around the Alamo, which were meant to cut off the Texians from reinforcements. The couriers could get through while these earthworks were incomplete.) “I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours,” Travis wrote, “& have not lost a man . . . . I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid . . . . If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country — Victory or Death.” Unfortunately, Travis’s letters were to no avail. Help was on the way, but few of these reinforcements were able to arrive in time—only 32 extra men arrived on March 1. Matters looked bleak for the Texians, to say the least. Legend has it that Travis, seeing the difficulty of the mission, drew a line in the sand. He asked any man willing to defend the Alamo to step over the line. All but one man crossed over. These men knew they would likely give their lives in defense of the mission, but they did it anyway. They did not want to surrender their position to Santa Anna. The Mexicans launched their final assault in the early morning hours of March 6. Almost every Texian defender was killed, giving Santa Anna a victory; however, the Mexican army also took heavy losses that day. (Accounts vary on the actual numbers.) Roughly 20 women and children were inside the Alamo and were spared. The youngest of these children was a 15-month old girl. Another legend has Travis hanging his personal “cat’s-eye” ring around the toddler’s neck before the final battle began. You already know that “Remember the Alamo!” became a rallying cry for the Texians in the wake of the battle. A little over a month later, the Texians would win the Battle of San Jacinto in a mere 18 minutes.
  3. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    Yeah we've had several great decisions made by the dept of wildlife . Grass Carp , English Sparrows , Starlings , Nutria , wolf up north , Grizzlies in Colorado and so on . Sometimes they do good things like antler restriictions , well maybe that isn't a good thing in some areas , huh Jerry . I hope they prove me wrong , but I can't see this as a good thing for us hunters and probably in the long run for Ranchers and Farmers either . Then as Mark has said , I am basing my opinion a lot on emotions .
  4. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    I signed the petition . Remember asbestos was our friend until they discovered it wasn't . But then I like eating them nasty ole pigs , but I do understand the Ranchers and Farmers point of view , they raise livestock or crops to make a living , hogs do damage , especially to the farmers .
  5. BABs Birthday

    Join me in wishing my wonderful Bride a very Happy Birthday . Every year with her is a blessing .
  6. Montana Hunting

    would love to hunt that country some day .
  7. this "Revolution" is really a subtle change

    Looks great , hope it still shoots great .
  8. Billie and I went to the lease for a couple days to fix the faucet and door locks on the huntin cabin . Thought I'd do a little pig hunting this evening . This big ole nasty came in . I haven't shot anything with the new BLR 300 WSM and was wanting a big nasty to shoot . The good Lord made it happen for me . Never took a step , he was DRT , was shooting a 165 TTSX . Warning the pics are a little bloody , so if that offends you , don't look . Don't have a scale , but best guess is he weighs about 175 to 200 , had heck gettin him in the truck .
  9. Johnny Cash....

    One piece at a time .
  10. Arizona critters

    Anytime hunting and away from work is great , especially when you pile the critters up .
  11. Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines Day to all my Sweeties here at the TTPP .
  12. Another One Again

    Jerry , are those Diamondbacks , Prairie Rattlers or Massasaugas ?
  13. Another One Again

    This time of year , I would lean towards a den real close . Even with the warm weather , they shouldn't be too far from their den .
  14. Everyone I talked to that shot them recommended the 165 grainers for most critters and 180s plus for dangerous game , such as Grizzlies . The bloody side is the exit , I normally shoot for the head , but wanted to see what it would do on the shoulder , had an angle shot on the shoulder . Was impressed with the carnage and of course bullet exited , so couldn't check it . I am satisfied it will do what I got it for . Africa or maybe Alaska if I ever get the chance again .
  15. Joe's Arky Yoter Pocket Pal

    Sorry for your loss , Joe makes some great calls .
  16. Happy Anniversary

    Happy 25th anniversary to my beautiful bride . As I said in a toast the other evening , it has been a wonderful 23 years , someone immediately said " It has been 25" , to which I responded "Well a couple weren't so good" , which got a good laugh . Really been the greatest years of my life . How could you not love a woman who lives to hunt and fish .
  17. For now Billie and I will be in the cook's cabin again .
  18. 5,000 Members!!

    Yes it is a great place to visit and get the valued help we all need at time s. Great going Bob .
  19. Those shields will certainly mess up a good shot from an arrow , I try and catch them at an angle when using a bow . Great story as always .
  20. Tuff pig

    Dang , you need a bigger gun .
  21. Hearing protection while hunting??

    Even wit a suppressed rifle you still get the sonic crack . Only when you are using subsonic loads with a suppressor do you truly have it quieted down . I shoot suppressed loads in my .22 rimfirm and you hear the firing pin drop . Nephew calls it the whisper of death .
  22. Ammo Selection

    As others have said , shot placement , but outside of that .223 or 22-250 in Vmax at any weight will anchor most any of the varmints in Texas or anywhere . I shoot pasture maggots with them and they blow those critters apart . I also shoot a bullet called Varmint Nightmare from Mid South Shooters Supply , it anchors em pretty well .
  23. Sarge's New Leupold VX-R Patrol

    Good looking rig , sounds like it is a shooter .
  24. Hearing protection while hunting??

    I use the soft orange ear plugs that you can squeeze down and get into the ear canal good when using most power equipment as well , my hearing aids also shut down the high frequency levels , which also help . Note hearing aids ! Mostly from explosions exposed to in the Army , several were not so pleasant , one for sure ruptured my ear drums . Protect what you have .