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  1. 29th Posse Hog Hunt-Report

    I was wondering how it would turn out on Easter weekend . Sounds like you still had fun with my Grand son .
  2. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all my family and friends . Hope it is a blessed day for you all . Please take time to share a prayer for our Warriors throughout the world who keep watch over us so we can enjoy days like these . God Bless you one and all .
  3. Waterfowl Hunts

    Talk to Ryan Longer at Longer's outdoors .

    Good day of fishing , if your a bass fisherman .
  5. SB Polar scores 1st kill

    Bout time you bloodied that thing . Great shooting on a small target at that range .
  6. As usual we had a great time , not as many folks as usual , but still a great meeting . Thanks for Bobcat and Shooter for putting this together for us again . BIG thanks to all the kitchen help , that includes my bride Billie , as well Pam , Carolyn and Kerry , without you all helping it wouldn't have gone as well in the trenches . A special thanks to Burnham Brothers/Carnivore TV for the tasty pork shoulders and frijoles , they were most excellent . Plus we couldn't have as great of a time without all our wonderful sponsors , which once again includes Burnham Brothers/Carnivore TV , FoxPro , Convergent and the many others who donated door prizes , you guys are the best . Thanks to the Master Trapper Jim Brooks for his interesting discussion on trapping , he is always a great guy to talk and listen to . Like I said , the turnout wasn't what we are use to but still the events were well done by Mike and Ken , thanks guys for all you do . The Saturday evening grill was a big success as usual , with many types of meats and sausages getting burnt . Then sitting around chatting with all the guys and gals , that is what makes this event great , wonderful stories , told by sometimes fascinating people . Interesting at time to say the least . All in all great times , great food and great people . Even Kerry had a good time .
  7. Went to the lease this weekend to do some Turkey hunting , Turkeys didn't want to play . Got through with the chores early Friday evening , so went to find a pig , ran into a sounder and got this one just as he got my wind . Shot was 177 paces , but it was a head shot . Didn't catch up with a Turkey , well almost , but that is another story . Worked several . Fell asleep when one went quite woke up as he was walking away at about 40 yards , tried to turn him , but he didn't want no part of it , probably heard me snoring .
  8. None here at the house so far . At the lease we had some high winds , with some really high wind burst . Made the camper rock pretty good a few times . But made it fine .
  9. morning view from the front door

    Hope to close on a Thunder Chicken Saturday .
  10. Good job on the yote and a very good shot .
  11. Rebel Silencers

    Haven't , but they do look promising .
  12. the very last one...EVER???

    Sounds about as close as you can get it . Now shoot some porkers .
  13. Brady hog

    Good job on the porker . Gotta love those 6.5s , my is a killing machine .
  14. Happy Birthday Bob

    Once again Bob has defied the years of time and has another Birthday . Happy Birthday and hoping you have many more .
  15. smoking deal on .243 brass

    That is a good deal .
  16. Good job on the critters and for not posting a picture of Terry . Really sounds like you guys had a great night .
  17. Belton Lake Tourney!!!

    and you were worried because you hadn't fished it before . You done good .
  18. Good Luck to All at the Rendezvous

    You will be missed .
  19. 22-250 AR Platform

    There are so many options , but any reputable name brand are as good as any . Seems like APF , comes up quite often . Talk to Coby or Lauren Porter at Coyote Armory in Menard , they can maybe hook you up . He does lots of work on ARs .
  20. 22-250 AR Platform

    They are available in the AR10 platform . As many other calibers are . Just some calibers aren't compliant with the AR 15 platform .
  21. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    Very nice Ram . Wish my old knees and body could stand up to walking the mountains again .
  22. Gander Mtn

    I've done business with them at the Corsicana , Waco and Fort Worth locations . Prices are high and service is really bad , have to hunt for people to help you .
  23. Eye Candy

    Nice , I like the green better , but both are nice .
  24. Really dirty brass I do a short run to knock off the big stuff , then follow with a long run with polisher in it . But mostly the discoloration doesn't bother me .
  25. Billie and I will stop by and pick em up Friday .