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  1. Has anybody had any success shooting prairie dogs around Lubbock? I see where there are several outfitters advertising - just wondering what the numbers there looked like compared to the panhandle. Also - any luck or reports regarding the Cimarron grasslands in Kansas? thanks!
  2. It looks like one shot on the one in the middle will clear the whole mound!! The Arkansas wagon train will be heading out at daylight on Sunday and maybe at the -P- ranch in time to fling a few rounds before sundown.......but it depends on how may stops at those ice cream stores (??) Rockfish Sr. calls for (he can't pass one up). I have 3000 little pointy things just rarin' to go............
  3. Is it May yet

    I'll be sure and leave a few for you.......just a few. Making the trek to the plains on 4/28.
  4. Looks like fun! How do you like the MTM shooting bench?
  5. Well, you know you had a good time when the white bucket in the truck is almost full of empty brass, the ground in front of the -P- Hilton is littered with rimfire brass swept from the truck, and the shooting bench also in the back of the truck is just as tired as we were!!! Thanks to Fred for another DOG-GONE great trip!